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V8 powered MG ZT [Friends of FTD]

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I welcome back Steve who has the beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV Cup, but this time in his incredibly rare and monstrous Mustang V8 powered MG ZT.\n\nSubscribe to FTD:\n\nIf you enjoy my videos and want to help me bring more exciting and outrageous experiences to the channel, \nI have started a Patreon to help fund events, roadtrips, car mods and everything else car related. \nPlease check it out for more information and to subscribe and I promise to put every penny back into the channel for you guys: \n\nSocial – \nFacebook: @ForTheDriveYT\nTwitter: @ForTheDriveYT\nInstagram: @ForTheDriveYT\n\nEquipment used – \nCanon 80D:\nCanon 18-55mm STM lens: \nRode VideoMic Go:\niPhone 7:\nGoPro 4 Session:\nGoPro 4 Plus:\nPortable grip mount:\nTripod:\nTriple suction mount:\n\nMusic – \nMusic from channel… \n\nIntro music by Max Woodhams.

Vasilis Zenonos écrit: Whats the song name at 0:21?MGZRJackass écrit: Love this car and the colour is just stunning!!!!! �� What id give for this car and would never sell it ever.Jabber 1974 écrit: To quote another youtuber, those wheels are brave.Jabber 1974 écrit: It wasn’t detuned, that’s exactly the same figures the engine in the mustang made.White Heart écrit: What a beaut!jrea424 écrit: The best of British and American.. what a combo!R écrit: 260 Doesnt seem like that much, especially in such a big car, but I guess its easily tuned to 400+ bhp. Thats far more like it for todays standards.Lesley Davies écrit: Lovely car, terrible wheelstaketimeout2 écrit: Nuff Zed.rimmersbryggeri écrit: Too bad the interior looks like a pair of speedos.Lee Wade écrit: Sound is all ways nice I used to have a blue one but got bored with the lack of powerseasidegalaxystreet écrit: I love these cars and mustangs that they talk on without a doubt but now i feel that most seem weak in comparison to a Tesla P100 D.Kristian Spencer écrit: Buy a proper v8 buy a vxr8. 6.2 litre corvette engine. 419 bhp as standard. But it’ll cost u , £20000. Plus the wortec exhaust system. And maybe a supercharger conversion. Buy a Bathurst s, 560 bhp. But u would need £35000 for one of those beauties. Start saving now.����Dan écrit: As with all american engines the bhp figure is poor for its litre size, but lovely looking cars and a great sound. The wheels are ok but they look too small to me basically down to the tyre profile being too low…. They don't seem to fill the arches right…. Could be my tastes…Chris Chadwick écrit: Hair cannot be serious.Les Rogers écrit: I love this car…very nice indeed!ffotograffydd gohebwyr écrit: One of the best Q cars in recent yearspaulanderson79 écrit: Havant, Hampshire, yes?Matt Pedwell écrit: Great car terrible music !,,,dont ask me écrit: The colour sounded like it was going to end with expialidociousiCrapBubbles écrit: Hey, what song is this?? Unfortunately, the link in the description is broken 🙁Chrisuk 1960 écrit: Bullet proof camera.What make? Dover écrit: Oooohh! Just loving the hair LOL!Marknorthway écrit: Yep – had one. Superb fun to drive. Couldn't justify it (with two other cars) so sold it, and missed the V8 so much I had to get another. I now have the similar Rover 75 4.6. Not quite the same noise and different ride, auto box (rather than manual) and same fuel consumption (ha ha!), but these were the best Rover ever produced. Get one if you can!Elliot Roles écrit: Saw this for sale a while ago, i thought you was on hayling island i live theredaniel jordan nicol écrit: needs to give up on his hair.Bobby Brew écrit: Great car, this has been on my car bucket list to own. After owning a rover v8 celica I think I need another v8 in my life again that sound track is worth £6.5k. écrit: Not a huge fan of the wheels but overall this car is godly, it sounds like a perfect storm!

You jammy, jammy b'stard for getting to go out in this beastie!

£6.5k? Oh for a good few thousand, a time machine and a sizeable barn!Chris Weston écrit: Another brilliant video! �� Adore the car!!!Jonathan Brickell écrit: Great video and I too am lucky enough to own a 260. Also sleeved x powers. I have seen this car in the flesh and is an all out stunner. A point to note. The engine is NOT detuned from the mustang engine. The 99 to 2004 MY Mustang GT had 255bhp (260PS) which is what this had. The 2005 MY Mustang released in the September of 2004 had 300 but with a slightly different engine.J B écrit: Having had a 190 back in the day I had always looked at and often wondered about The v8 ����I couldn’t understand why they thought that they should of detuned them from there original mustang bhp ����‍♂️Great upload ����