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Pregabalin (Lyrica): What You Need To Know

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Pregabalin (Lyrica) is a medication in the gabapentinoid class. It has anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, and analgesic properties. As such, it’s used for epilepsy, neuropathic pain, anxiety, and other conditions.\n\nDespite being a GABA derivative, it doesn’t appear to be operating through a GABA-related mechanism.\n\nThe substance is also used recreationally due to its euphoric, anxiolytic, and pro-social effects.\n\nOverview Page (Including References):\n\nReddit discussion:\n\nPregabalin = Lyrica; (S)-3-isobutyl-GABA\n————\n\nSpecial thanks to Benjamin/BronzeManul ( for helping with the legality info.\n————\n\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nTimestamps\n\nEffects (medical) – 00:23\n\nEffects (non-medical \u0026 recreational) – 04:38\n\nPharmacology \u0026 Chemistry – 08:19\n\nHow It’s Used – 11:34\n\nHistory – 12:24\n\nLegal Status – 16:44\n\nSafety – 16:54\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall,, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Star Ape, michael hoogwater, Beau Jaco, and David Kernell.\n\n————\n\nFacebook –\nTwitter –\nEmail –\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

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Other support options can be found here: zapata écrit: ive been taking this thing recreationally around at a a time and present kinda hallicionegic effects, it soes take more time to act,, first few ours you might feeel like you were kind of drunk or typsy after that pretty stron drowsiness and after muscle relaxationLennart Hagen écrit: The withdrals……f++++ nightmareGreggan! écrit: Pregabalin is one of the few drugs that work great for my migrane, totally prevents it so I don't have to take massive doses of sumatriptane.Ice Cube écrit: £56 for a generic box of Pregabs,not Lyrica.Debbie Turner écrit: Can you take ppecabalin n zolpidem togetherroland ozuna écrit: Like potT-B4NE écrit: I found a bottle thanks now ik itsbgood. I have 60 the red whiteones u had a pic of in the start. I have vircouse vaines in my nut right one makes my guts n nuts hurt n wakes me up it feels like a hugee big cramp slash kicked in the sack and stomach. I used n use opiates for my pain these can help my withdrawals. Ima only take one when i need.Allah écrit: I feel drunk when i take lyrica, I hope it will go away after a week.Geddy Scott écrit: If it's anything like gabapentin you eat like a horseHwpoSZN écrit: I'm a introvert. When i take over 900mg lyrica i turn into an extrovert.Clint Parsons écrit: It works great but God damn it makes me so hungryBig Pasta écrit: Could you please do one on Lamotrigine (Lamictal)Jony Harri écrit: My own experience of 3 year use.
Totally lack of empathy,
No emotions
At work almost like a robot, not happy not sad, nothing..
I just didn't care of anything around, accept what I was told to do..

Never ever again, stay away from this.ZA WARRUDO 😀 écrit: How to reduce tolerance for that warm fuzzy tingling feel again like my first time ? I took 300mg 3 days in a row im newAndy P écrit: I had agonising sciatic pain, and pregabalin helped massively. The side effects were pretty bad but faded after a week.
No weight gain, but I sleep for much longer now (7-8 hours) than I did before.Rexer Sona écrit: I took recently 300 mg of pregabalin from my mother's medications, It was a really good experience don't know why but I felt like I was on LSD but without the hallucinations just the colors were more powerful like I put a filter or something, I can say that pregabalin is a good one time try as a recreational drug because it can be really addictive.Callum Lawrence écrit: I had a 9 day cold Turkey from pregablin when I ran out of my script yeah I was sick for the first 3 days and couldn't eat much, but its does not even compare to benzo/opiate WD's. I was taking 600mg a day at that point toRohit Kumar écrit: ok sir aurTrueFighter écrit: I took these off my mum she got fibromyalgia.And i took 4 to 10 at times almost got addicted to them bad.I stopped taking them there better then weed and drink it’s a high that makes you happy and enjoy full almost get very hungry on them and eat extreme large amounts of food.I not mess with them or any drug I liked them way too much unlike weed which gives me schizophrenia effect that I hate.To think I toke 300 mg 10 pill in aday onceSan Juanita Reyes écrit: Okay here's my question I'm a 65 year old woman I have been on Lyrica 300 mg Neurontin and Tramadol Spectrum at all day care for my chronic pain which is exclusively painful the Lyrica I take for my fibromyalgia which is really really bad in my body I know how much harder I try to send my hands Thunder rotten we take for our neuropathy on our feet all three of these medications help us all together with what we have my husband and myself we have the same thing fibromyalgia real bad neuropathy rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain chest pain lots of it. You tell me since you are the expert if this is helping me why does it make it so wrong they are helping us. Please answer these questions they are questions only I'm putting. I know it's not my brain I'm not confused I don't understand the big medical words that you all use I never have not even when I was young but I have suffered from this page all my life especially the arthritis now if this medications were called together for me why should I stop taking them? we have very good doctors one other thing my husband has had four major major back surgeries on his spine I don't know why Orthopedic Specialists put him through that and then he just tossed him aside my husband cannot straighten up the way she used to and he served the Marine Corps for 23 years he wasn't like that until he fell under the hands of this orthopedic surgeon. I know it is not my husband's giving in your pain I tell him to straighten up constantly sometimes it's like feels like it's like every 5 minutes of the day every 5 minutes I tell my husband stand up go for a walk straighten up if only I could get ahold of a heart back brace maybe that could help my husband straighten up even more I don't know why his specialist did this to him after he no longer quote provide my husband with the hydrocodone. he sent him toys pain specialist find a pain specialist on my husband's medical records he told us as he walked into the room what the hell did dr. Blank do to your backTakoTheReal écrit: Lyrica is fucking amazing recreationally. Ain't nothing like a 900mg dose of lyricaI Have Autism écrit: I just wanted to say he’s 100% right that pregabalin is far superior than benzodiazepines because it makes you actually want to go out and form a bond socially, versus Xanax which is more like weed and opioids, yes weed is really safe but for me at least they make me not care about anything, they block out my problems mentally and physically when pregabalin helps me face and accept the problems I NEED to work on.Niceguy Jjjj écrit: Lyrica wait one hour take some benzo i love itElliot c écrit: "low drug interaction potential" lol I don't agree#jozzaYT écrit: I’m on it nowkyle johnson écrit: Been on it for 3 years it's a miracle for nerve damageJohn Dover écrit: I was prescribed this drug for anxiety in 2014. At one point I was taking 900mg a day. On top of many other psychiatric drugs. Citalopram, Bupropion, Concerta, Risperidone, and Solian. (Codeine addiction too) I was a total psychological and physiological mess… I don’t know how I’m still here. I am now only taking Citalopram, Lyrica and Risperidone I’m so sick of the side effects of these medications and I know deep down they are causing a lot of my issues. What should I do? I want complete discontinuation. What hell am I in for? Any feedback is appreciated as doctors/google really don’t tell the truth and make out it’s mild.aspec42 écrit: Prescribing this med to help with withdrawing from other drugs is criminal!Munirchowdhury Munirchowdhury écrit: Thank you.CheezitsChrist écrit: A lot of people are commenting on him repeating “compared the placebo”. This is both how drugs are approved by the FDA to be brought to market, but I believe Seth mentions it because he has researched it and found that its trials are more complete (less dropouts and less bias than most drugs) than most drugs brought to market. I can not say definitively what Seth what thinking, but this is my best guess- it’s not just a “duh- it’s better than placebo” comment.Србомбоница écrit: It helps sciatica truly but it does cause constipationN Tan écrit: i took over 3000mg+ one time and i was fine all i got was a good high and floaty feelingBlaggard999-_- écrit: Do Not Make A Habit of abusing Lyrica. Far worse than any withdrawal and last longer than anything. I've been tapering for the last year. I've just fully come off it.Peura Mauriainen écrit: Taking a 400 mg today feeling little dizzy litle bit like mdma!!. But not so strong!!.. but you cant take brega everyday!!. 1 time in a month!!. DR.feelgood…Peura Mauriainen écrit: 400-500mg is reasonable for per day oxycont whitraval.. sorry my bad english!!..Peura Mauriainen écrit: Help opiate whitrawal!!!..merncat75 écrit: WOW, you did an amazing job with giving such detailed information in this video.. I really appreciate it !!!LiveLikeYouFly écrit: Pfizer knows exactly what they were doing when they took this medication on. Plastered a name on it. Then had a judge grant them a patent on it for the next several years.Adnan Rifai écrit: 150 mg is perfect dose for positive effects for me and I weight 70 kgMuhammad Is Dead écrit: I can take 2 thousand MG of lyrica at once for recreational purposes… but tolerance grows fastTrip 313 écrit: Life changing, removed 90% anxiety. Don't even need to drink so muchI Have Autism écrit: 5:17 is where u learn how powerful this drug is!!!I Have Autism écrit: I’ve tried alprozolam (xanax), and want to go on this because it doesn’t impair you physically or mentally as Xanax does. I’m wondering if this actually is more recreational than Xanax because Xanax is more recreational than benzodiazepines because it’s a theinodiazepine like Clonazolam (not to be confused with Clonazepam). But you must test out each substance by only taking it 2 weeks after the last time you did any drug.

For example, if you drank alcohol within that two week time period, your experience with Xanax will have a greater blunted affect which isn’t recreational unless you’re just trying to escape reality or be sedated. Another example, if you had smoked weed close to when you took pregabalin, you’ll likely have a very paranoid, unpleasant dissociative experience that makes you more likely to have an akathesia experience where you can seriously hurt you or someone else because how uncomfortable you feel.Miriam Perkins écrit: Lyrica is okay for the first few months then all aspects of it go away, and it's torture to come off/ extreme weight gain is also a serious issue.James Brannigan écrit: Love TDC but would like to see this updated to account for severity and length of withdrawals, as well as all the other negatives that have come to light. I have found a 25% taper harder than heroin and benzo w/d combined now I've been on it a few years. A cpl of years back I'd have said it was an easier taper than benzos… boy does that change after time! I'm a drug libertarian but this shit is evil & finally the research is backing it.Caelum Aces écrit: Tried both Pregabalin and Gabapentin. The only drug which works for my neuropathic pain is Tapentadol.mjprice écrit: It also has negatives. Such as being so deep asleep your "I need a pee" waking fails to happen. What does happen is 15 minutes later your "There is something wrong with the bed" waking works. Then you find wet boxers and a patch of bed wetting. I had a week of this every night, by the end, my wife and I went from me very upset and her calming me down, to both getting up she changes the sheets and duvet cover and puts the one the absorbent puppy pads down. I got my ass into the shower and then took the soiled stuff down to the washing machine. Amazing how quickly you automated things! By the end, we didn't say a word until it was all sorted, and then we resumed the conversation we were having before dropping off. That was me dropping off mid-word.

It's damn strong stuff!mjprice écrit: aaabengi écrit: lyrica is a fucking god send, it removes my anxiety and helps me function better day-to-day with no negative effects. ive tried a ton of different medications for my issues and nothing is as good as lyrica, benzos make me feel like a different person and make me think differently but lyrica i still feel like i'm me. seriously underrated drug medicinally and recreationallySwansea 1984 écrit: I love pregablin. I started taking it for a trapped nerve in my spine but now I depend on them for anxiety and sleep. Just took 450MG feeling great ����. Awesome medication for anxiety especially when taken with a couple of Valium which I also rely on. I’d be a nervous wreck if I didn’t have pregablin and Valium.ThaGVPSon écrit: Why does this drug seem to have such an extreme person to person variability in it's effects?Patriot P A III écrit: I have been taking 450 mg aday for 17 years and have not notice anything but some relief from pain on my legs due to diabetic neuropathy. I was on the 75 Fentanyl patch for 4 years. The stupid doctor at the V A clinic in Fort Worth put me on it. My body would suck the patch up . I had to replace it every 2 days to where most people needed to switch out patches every 3 days. I got of it cold turkey and it wasn't fun. My family had to stay away from me. It was only me and my dog . It took me 3 weeks of hell but I made it. I will never take that mess again. If I get a doctor that wants to prescribe me that for all the pain I live with. I will kick his ass.Delta Design écrit: I've been following this channel for a while now, after having tried some of these drugs, what is described here is so accurate, that it is perfect for those who are interested in trying any of these drugs, who wants some truthful information about them first.TheDispather écrit: Lyrica sucks.Lucas Sonny écrit: AviWally P Harrwinkle 000 écrit: Once again thank u drug classroom for your insightful and informative videos! Keep up the good work!TheOllyfin écrit: Can someone smoke it?lebeardotnet écrit: good quality content / delivery… a credit to the WWWcourtney courts écrit: my friends mum that has diabetes was abusing this drug and now she's in critical condition at hospital. Over 72 hours unconscious.robercik101 écrit: Lyrica turns you into zombie state, so be awareBenGman Bucynack écrit: This video is bang on its a musical drug for meClark • 93 years ago • updated écrit: Horrible drug. It made me feel dizzy and my eyes had a mind of their own. Whenever I would get up out of a chair – I felt like I was going to pass out.Ergenekon Intikam écrit: Pzferr i love youErgenekon Intikam écrit: Cennete ilaç varsa oda licrya300gdirLeggo MuhEggo écrit: yep drs must avoid any drug someone could enjoyLuke J écrit: One of my favourite medications. Truly is a wonder drug!gavin davies écrit: My doctor is reluctant to give me diazepam on prescription but gave me this so I am doing research and the lack of research has me worriedQuestioning Everything écrit: Lyrica Will Get You High As All Fuckjhmm gf écrit: Is this a good non addicting alternative to benzos if you want muscle relaxation only?If not which drug has the least side effects for reducing muscle spasms without risking addiction?Dean écrit: It's a controlled drug in the UK now, Class C / Schedule 3.Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Can one take 600mg in one dose, instead of splitting the dose? How long would that be “active” for?

I personally find 600mg in one dose better for my generalised anxiety and agoraphobia. I don’t find it to be euphoric, but it does make me feel less depressed.Mark Elsdon écrit: Pre gabs help me walk and stop the painKenneth White écrit: I currently live in Thailand and recently went to one of the government hospitals to get consultation for back surgery. Before I left America two and a half years ago a neurologist said I need back surgery to fix the L4, L5, & S1 but I opted out, out of fear, Hind site…LOL! Well with all the doctors and test I went through here in Thailand and although all the other doctors cleared me for surgery the spine surgeon here said that he did not recommend surgery due to my age (70) and medical history (heart disease) and prescribed Brillion 50mg three time daily which helped with the lower back and sciatica pain to a degree but did not stop the pain. I have been on Brillion 50mg for about two months now and thinking about increasing my dosage ever so slightly to see if I can improve its effects. I think this video was very informative and really mirrored the comments made by the spine surgeon here on its effects.pickle écrit: I popped 1500mg and snorted 500mg 2g in totalCharles Marvin Green écrit: I love the stuff, I take three of my 150mg at once since my Dr has ne down to just one norco a day.S Nomad écrit: Gabba Gabba Gabba hey, Gabba Gabba Gabba who? Gabba Gabba Gabba….mike971000 écrit: Low interactions my assAlysse Kim écrit: Im on 300mg twice daily, 70mg of methadone and 5mg of diazapam twice daily.. for opiate dependence, fibromyelgia , PTSD etc etc… my pain is still off the charts! it worked ok at first but its become less effective over time. My question to anyone is NIGHT TERRORS?? weird buzzing feeling bin my head and the sound of water in my ears almost… which leads to hearing noises and feeling presences etc,, its scary. if i go to sleep when its happening I have horrible dreams that mimic me being awake in bed… PLEASE IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING??? Its not hypnogogic or hypnopompic and i am awake when it starts. thanksJamie Leigh Brooks écrit: At what dose is it best recommended for generalised anxiety?amy myers écrit: Lyrica will get its claws into you … much like narcs…. I have horror storiesallyouneedtoknow anonymous écrit: its shite.
does nothing for pain relief.David écrit: I was going to us Lyrica for fibromyalgia. After reading the proxy I found out it caused cancer in the mice they tested in the scientific studies. I was way too scared to use it despite my pain and other symptoms. It also causes suicidal thoughts.hans giger écrit: Excellent and very informative video thank you very much for the information.Tammy McNally écrit: This was not good for me, I gained a lot of weight, poor concentration and rigidity in my muscles similar to rigamortisesnedar giordano écrit: I take 2 capsules of 50 mg with a huge cup of coffee, I leave my house felling like a $ million dollars.Garry Host écrit: side effect – suicidal ideationWilliam Small écrit: Brilliant. I am on pregabalin in England where it became a control drug on April 1st. This was a great run through of all aspects. Thanks.Šädęšvåskã écrit: i have had so much of this stuff never really felt any recreational use from it. seemed to get every one else pretty wobbly though.vmwindustries écrit: Don't ever take Gabapentin! It was the worst thing in my life. Emotional change is extreme and quick. Its horrendous! See my comment in the replied section of the channel poster.Coran Gether écrit: if 150 has me off my tits then what the hell would 600mg do?Raxx2 écrit: Withdrawal from this stuff might be worse than heroin. Very evil street drug in my country.GMG Jake écrit: Overdosed off 9 of em����jenn jeffs écrit: I have Fibromyalgia, severe anxiety and panic disorder.. along with arthritis… i have refused medication since diagnosis. Since then I have really had times where Ive struggled so bad I couldn't get out of bed…. this medication was suggested and given to me, but I never filled the prescription, that was a few years ago.. I'm now Considering it… ughcherrocco berry écrit: I get nerve decompression surgery, forget those pills, it's not worth the losses, temporary pain relief for 4/5 months and I'm satisfied, bcuz even with taking the pills the pain is still there just being blocked while causing other problems (s). I eat more vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts. I use natural real olive oil for cooking, drink very little milk coconut or goat, drink water water water. Cut back on all process foods and sugars, limiting time on cellphone and haven't used a microwave for anything in 2 yrs. Try it then discuss your resultsYo Man écrit: Impressive video.Ben Crossley écrit: Pregabalin is a great drug for depression perhaps the bestMawk Grasper écrit: This drug worked well for me but it was the most intense withdrawal symptoms I've ever experienced.
I took pregaballin for 3 weeks for a spinal injury. I was on oxycotin for 3 weeks also and experienced a very limited withdrawal compared to pregabalin.
I'm now taking no pain medsjacob kanal écrit: “More effective than placebo” Its Perfect for anxiety and sleepPhilipp Pogosov écrit: Is it true that pregabalin kills brain cells? And is it true that pregabalin can cause psychosis?

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Lansoprazole Medication Information (dosing, side effects, patient counseling)

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Your medication Lansoprazole\n\nLansoprazole is also known as the brand names: Prevacid.\nLansoprazole comes in 15 mg and 30mg capsules.\nLansoprazole is most commonly used for heartburn and acid reflux, but can also be used to treat ulcers of the digestive tract. No matter what your doctor has you taking it for, lansoprazole is taken orally one to two times per day for 4 to 8 weeks depending on what you are taking it for. It should be taken before meals, preferably before breakfast. \nSome common side effects of lansoprazole are headache, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.\nDo not take lansoprazole if you have an allergic reaction to lansoprazole or other Proton Pump Inhibitors.\nWhile taking lansoprazole, remember it is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you experience any of the following:\n• Mood changes, muscle pain or weakness, muscle cramps or spasms, seizures, tremors, lack of appetite, severe nausea or vomiting. \n• Sign of kidney problems \n• Severe dizziness, passing out or bone pain\n• You begin taking any new medications, vitamins or supplements.\n• Your condition does not improve or you develop new or worsening symptoms

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Belfast’s Pregabalin Addiction | Drugs Map of Britain

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Pregabalin, a drug prescribed to treat anxiety, epilepsy and nerve pain has seen huge increases in prescription in Belfast, alongside the illegal trade of the drug on the streets. Director Adam Patterson follows the lives of some young people in Northern Ireland who are using and at times abusing these prescription medications.\n\nIf you would like information or support about the topics covered in this documentary, there are organisations in the UK that can help. More information can be found at\n\n–\nClick here to subscribe to BBC Three:\n\nDid you know that we’re up to other things in other places too?\n\nBest of BBC Three:\niPlayer:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:\nTumblr:\n\nOh, we’re on Snapchat too – just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.\n—\n\nThis video is monetised outside of the United Kingdom by BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.\nService information and feedback:

Chase The Horizon écrit: Pregabalin is an widespread problem, speaking as someone who works in pharmacies throughout Essex in England I can honestly confirm that this is a full blown crisisMelanie Willard écrit: Pregabalin??? They pass it out like tictacs. While taking away actual relief.MarkStewart PraisetheMostHigh écrit: There’s no help. They’ll prescribe you methadone which raises your tolerance to such a ridiculous level that a lot of people will be on it for life.
It’s not treatment it’s maintaining and raising your addiction through synthetic and legal means.
It’s a joke. And pregabalin is total poison to your system.
Ask any addict who knows: What would they rather be addicted to – heroin or Pregabalin.
I guarantee every answer will be heroin.
Pregabalin is great for opiate withdraws, it should only be used short term.
Do some research on people’s experiences coming off Pregabalin, you will be totally shocked at how many ways this poison attacks your mind and body.
Drugs are over prescribed, the ‘help’ is a joke. I’ve been an addict for 4 years and still haven’t met a drug worker who has the slightest clue about addiction.
It’s always the addicts fault and we are looked down upon by most of ‘society’ because a lot of people can’t think for themselves so they think how they’re told to think without realising that they might have more in common with that addict than their best friends.
Such a backwards world.
My heart breaks every day.Mark Alexander écrit: I have both anxiety and nerve pain. Not on Pregabalin, but am on Gabapentin and they're very similar. I know what he means about when you don't have it. The withdrawal is ridiculous.Beverly Ann écrit: Sad that this fighting over religion and there’s only one God❤️��������Shauna Anderson écrit: I wanted to jump through the tv when I watched that guy with that puppy. There is no need to get in any dogs face and do that!!! All You doing is instilling fear and eventually hate inside that dog. Give the puppy what he gives to you buddy…. Love
It's dudes like him that give those dogs bad names, it's people like him that add to the stigma behind pitties and pittie look alike. Domt be the reason another pittie is euthanized due to being "aggressive" when thays all you have taught him. Dude do right by your puppy and don't continue the stigma behind this breed of dog, drugs and gang violence. That dog could help you through mental health issues and drug addictions if you play your cards right. Dogs/animals are therapeutic and are great gifts in life for this reason. Train him properly please not through intimidation and fear, your dog doesn't care if you're tough, he just wants love and care.fabian sanchez écrit: Stick to weedChris Carton écrit: Typical Belfast attitude "Aye, the UVF is great!" "Why can't you like in your own area?" "Coz I dealt drugs and the UVF put me out! Legends!"Crusher 0.o écrit: Because of such morons the people who would realy need it, arent able to
get it. Or they are fed with antidepressants and neuroleptics instead
which not work aswell as the real pregabalin. It is a realy good
medication against anxietyRyan Bradley écrit: A bit of the ol' crack and a sprinkle of ketomine with my cuppo tea ☕justin case écrit: So are there any paramilitaries left in Ireland? Everybody says that time is done but somehow it doesn't look completely done.Natural born Killer écrit: 150mg fucks me up lolNatural born Killer écrit: I really helps with opioid withdrawalNatural born Killer écrit: I dont drink alcohol ruins opium buz and lycra increases your gaba levels same thing that alcohol doesNatural born Killer écrit: thwt demon thwt follows u!! real talk im currently 3 days clean from a 4 year codeine addiction im taking pregabs to help with withdrawalElise Brodeur-Jacobs écrit: …I just…bro…really?BJ écrit: I'd say Brandon takes the cake for dumbest comment..7:16 "I don't like that, Thats pushing the limit" A few hours later…..Takes 100mg of Valium n few hundred mg of lyrica. Haha apparently that doesn't count as pushing the limit..Ppl never fail in raising the bar for stupiditykoez koez écrit: You say that, but I can't buy any In Londonkyle johnson écrit: Hall check out my review on 600mgBodhi Sattva écrit: I just got prescribed pregabalin for poisony ivy and I notice a high. I google.pregabaljn high. I find this. Lol. niceDrawyoursword420 écrit: Stuff sounds nasty. When I left a crappy alcohol detox they gave me a ton of valium as much as that guy took in the video took them all with beer no problem. Or Xanax. I still think alcohol is the worst drugHJ 0161 écrit: Can you please take the time to check out my rap account on Instagram @officialhjmcr. I’m a 13yr old rapper and would love to hear some feedback and support. if you’re like me and want to pursue rapping them dm me on @officialhjmcr on Instagram and maybe we could make some music together. Any feedback and support would be great.HJ 0161 écrit: Can you please take the time to check out my rap account on Instagram @officialhjmcr. I’m a 13yr old rapper and would love to hear some feedback and support. if you’re like me and want to pursue rapping them dm me on @officialhjmcr on Instagram and maybe we could make some music together. Any feedback and support would be great.HJ 0161 écrit: Can you please take the time to check out my rap account on Instagram @officialhjmcr. I’m a 13yr old rapper and would love to hear some feedback and support. if you’re like me and want to pursue rapping them dm me on @officialhjmcr on Instagram and maybe we could make some music together. Any feedback and support would be great.Isaac Spotts écrit: Lyrica isn't even water soluble; maybe snorting that massive amount of powder that is hardly being absorbed is making him puke? Swallowing all that nasty drip must fck up his stomach… the worst part in his case is his "high" is mostly placebo, taking it orally would actually cause a stronger feeling, its very well absorbed orally. Gabapentin honestly is prolly safer than this stuff tho, I've heard of some weird crap happening on lyrica occasionallyAdam Adam écrit: wtf.. 600 mg lyrica and he puked?? that can't be rightGang Star écrit: I get 56x 300mg of these each month for absolutely nothing.
I love the NHS.Jade L écrit: Feel sorry for the dog. Hope it is safeGoo Go écrit: PREGAABLAANanalisa zamora écrit: Somebody tell these lads they can order their own supply of pregabalin off the internet, no frills cheap from IndiaToni Davidson écrit: The sad thing is I live in a town 8 miles outside Belfast and the only different thing I saw where houses our country is falling apartTom Sobs écrit: Yeah the geezer with the puppy does look like spud from train spotting so he doestapsui écrit: We all know he didnt 'slip"T. Capra écrit: pregabalin?? seriously theres nothing better?? i mean find some Kratom….& light up a fat J of sour diesel with some hash mixed in…pregabalin has more unknown dangerous side effects than most schedule II drugs smhRaptorjesuslives écrit: Why is there subtitles needed we are way easier to understand than half of Englandmeme12 écrit: I need some budz Budweiser sHelen Mc Shane écrit: Was given it for nerve pain with Fibromalgia..left my stomach doggy, so stopped taking it, I definitely got no buzz from it.Necromantist écrit: I'm doing some rails of Lyrica right now. Aye, shite is as good as benzos. If you mix them you'll feel amazing.Chinthaka Kumar écrit: superbOrhan Küçük kara écrit: Yurt dışından sipariş söz konusu gelmesi hakkında bir bilgiye sahip olan varsa yardımcı olursa sevirimLeo Licursi écrit: Sniffing it pratCamOfMach écrit: I don't know how people enjoy this drug I've taken 2000mg doses and it hasn't touched meBlackout écrit: PregoblinTA 10 écrit: All the GP’s need to watch this before they next hand out Pregabalin like sweetsblissed out écrit: Hope hes managed to get that paper blankClassed Edits écrit: 3 years on and that boy Padraig hasn’t learnt a thing. His knees will be done in by the ra very shortly and that’s a fact. Terrorising his local community in Derry by stealing cars and always wiped and probably dealing too.TheAnnArnold écrit: Is lyrica that addictive? Wow! Glad i didn’t start on it when doctor offered it to me!Rikky Rivera écrit: Ass and tittysChristina Davies écrit: That’s crazy. It’s like he’s speaking a different language or something!natalia gomez écrit: I’m about to be prescribed gabbies! By my psychiatrist and I didn’t know you could get high?Cameron 9988 écrit: Scum bagsdacypher22 écrit: 12:17 Okay, it is now officially messing with me that they call pregabalin "buds" while they are also smoking weed.David Pena écrit: I can tell they don't know how to do them.rezillo écrit: This is mind blowing. I've been taking pregabalin for shingles symptoms. I didn't even know you can get high on it! I don't feel anything from the three pills a day I take. It does nothing for me except help relieve my shingles symptoms.Lexine Bate écrit: I don't get the hype over Pregabs l've tried them loads of times there fuckin shit…Steve Y écrit: Hello everyone , someone very close to me is battling through this pregablin addiction and was wondering if there’s anything I can do to help her ? She won’t go to the doctors as she’s scared it will go down on her record and everyone will find out even though I’ve told her it’s confidential , so our only option is to get through this ourselves .. she’s tried going down to gabepebton but it doesn’t seem to be helping much someone please give me some help because it’s literally tearing us apartjohnny G écrit: They say it's Catholics vs Protestants…BULLSHIT…It is and always has been the English land barons vs the Irish…Now the Republic of Ireland, soon to be ONE again…!!!Prince Latif écrit: Bruh -_- i take 6k mg minimum
This is fakeRENIE SHAKUR écrit: @ 6:15, kid looks blue in the face
�� only 17 – strung out!Cian Ward écrit: ��������������������������������������������XANAX GOD805 écrit: Emergency dose of lyricaDan The Metal Detector Man écrit: Why the hell are they being sick?! I use to take a months worth in one day. I'm not bragging or anything as that was a bad time in my life. But I just can't understand why they are being sick when they take it. I'm obviously a different breed. And I was on about 66 to 130 pill's a day, I'm so lucky to still be alive and I will never go back to this shit. I would take a mixture of codein and pregabalin. Though I found it easy to give up the pregabalin and I had zero withdraw symptoms. Which obviously made it easier to stop taking. The codeine was by far the hardest thing to stop and I actually ended up on the methadone script to stop me self medicating because of the ibuprofen and the paracetamol that are in the pill's. That is what was killing me, my organs were rotting and my kidneys and liver were giving up.Super Shemale yolanda écrit: This shit is so addictive , its almost on the same level as valerian root..I AM A FAILURE!! écrit: Taking it orally means it takes longer to start working! I suffer from acute anxiety, manic depression and episodes along with bipolar. It's not easy and the Drs in NZ are USELESS when it comes to medication �� I'm having to increase my dose of pregablin just to wean myself off of venlafaxine because my idiot Dr put me on it when you're not supposed to take it with a bipolar diagnosis! The withdrawal from venlafaxine is HORRIFIC and the Drs don't care because they refuse to give you medication like gabapentin, Ritalin etc. Yes I get a high from pregablin BUT it's the high that I need/is relatively normal because of the anxiety.Kirsty Mcintee écrit: Poor bhoy love from Glasgow I'm just back Tae BelfastDam Tanker écrit: Fkin disgusting…Nicolás Camacho écrit: Psychiatrist are the worst of the drug dealers. They are worst devils….Bandolero écrit: r u fkn srious ? الصاروخ is the best thing everZorrovian écrit: My curiosity is really hindering my productivity today.Hayley M écrit: I'm British, but I don't seem to struggle with understanding what they're saying like many others in the comments seem to. Scottish, if it's real strong, I'll sometimes struggle with a little, but not this.D c écrit: He knows there real buys fake onesCARAMEL PAPI écrit: Just piff on some cali mimosa gets you nice and highJohnny Law écrit: "Sweat to the beat"Henrik Jørgensen écrit: You gotta give it to Big Pharma. Creating a drug that causes withdrawal symptoms worse than the ailments it was meant to cure.
That's an efficient business model!Jules Dolan écrit: This video makes me sad to be Irish, they all look like a bunch of water heads.Austyn Collins écrit: Dude are these guys really taking lyrica ���� they literally advertise this shit on tv that shit does not get you high ������Just Donz écrit: Pregabalin is not nice tried for my epilepsy not good m8Leo Licursi écrit: They obviously ain't had a real buzzTalio Divino écrit: Man, Kenneth needs therapy, not just the drugs. Simply giving him the drugs isn’t going to help anything in the long run. Poor guy. It would be nice of the state medical service could hook him up with a therapist.Meghan Shalley écrit: I had no idea that lyrica could or would be an addictive drug!!! He's jittery like with meth, spice, or fentanylDark Christian écrit: the thing about drugs is you have tolerance and it gets more and more till it kills you, you can not win with drugs it is a trap for young soul's who know not know any better, I was a child and
experimented on all drugs, it all leads to nothing we get tolerant and need more, don't do them at all. just be yourself be a leader not a follower, plan your life and execute it, drugs will kill youmosao12a ssa écrit: Brałem pregabaline ogólnie na pierwszy raz 600 mg dobrze tarzała, ale potem to lipa z jej działaniem, szybko rośnie tolerancja.420 and coke écrit: W e have top marijuana strains available Og and purple kush, white widow, sour diesel
Avaliable 24/7 and asap delivery
contact via;;;;;;;
email..:::…..nicopriso75@gmail.comJone Sy écrit: This is crazy I’ve done 1200mg of lyrica in a day and it’s barely a buzz. These guys need some molly!Josh Hope écrit: Literally the sooner should take it that you're addicted take it from me withdrawal or HellLEE Wightman écrit: They are torture to come of. Worse then benzosPhoenix écrit: I dont get or take pregablin, both my brothers are addicted to them an have offered me them.. Im on enough stuff already, The guy at the end reading his script lol hes getting the same things as me or things ive bn on before.. Anti depressants and anti psychotic meds etcRyan Vargas écrit: There’s a point where you can only take so much and then it won’t do anything. If you don’t take more than the daily dose (and don’t insufflate(snort)) it works great. These guys using it in heavy amounts all @ once and the withdrawal from these is shitty so that’s why everyone looks so jacked up once they’re out.Daniel Faherty écrit: A half hour documentary about mentally ill people on medication. WowQ-presss écrit: If I was to ruin my life for the sake of drugs, then it certainly wouldnt be over gabapentin… I guess I just never realised how addictive neurontin really was. I've tried it a few times but it was never anything special to me or something I couldn't wait to do again.Daniel Veti écrit: ITS THE BLUES making the people in this vid so wrecked, not the pregab at all and ive been on both. Benzo withdrawal is a killer.Daniel Veti écrit: but literally, I feel like they found the worst person to make a video on this. He snorts some small amount and says he feels sweet as a beat straight away lol. Pregabalin literally just helps your gaba levels increase but hes acting this pregabalin in a benzo.Stephen écrit: I understand every word eire32navjot singh écrit: i m not english speaker………..can somebody tell me whats wrong with pregablin ,its very common over the counter drug.Logan Scott House écrit:
In case anyone needs to hear it…FuCk CoRoNa écrit: He's been taking them since he was 12 the liar he's only 11 now ����drewidz 590 écrit: Pregabilin doesnt even get ya high id rather get alcoholrasta mysh écrit: thats not how pregbaline works its not heroin you cant even get high more than 1-2 days in a rowBetter Than You écrit: lmao why is he snorting it??? pregabalin can't be taken that way, he's not even getting high of it, he's literally wasting it.Kraso Hinchev écrit: This are in the bottom of junkie's societies

prégabaline zentiva

بعد إدراجها بجدول المخدرات.. ما لا تعرفه عن « البريجابالين »

la description:
درجت وزارة الصحة، الأدوية التي تحتوي على مادة \ »البريجابالين\ » في مكوناتها ضمن الأدوية المؤثرة على الحالة النفسية، والتي كان من المفترض منع صرفها دون تذكرة طبية مختومة بخاتم الطبيب المعالج لصرفها، بعدما أسيئ استخدام الأدوية المحتوية على تلك المادة، حتى أصبحت بديل للمخدرات.

ذهبية حامل écrit: الله يعافي جميع شباب المسلمين من الايمان على المدخراتMero Emad écrit: ومريض التهاب الاعصاب يعمل ايهAmr taman écrit: شوفت مليون فديوكل تعرص مفيش حدبقول اسم علاج كل مسكنAmr taman écrit: ياولادالوسخه عايزين اسم علاج عشان التامولHassan Tawfik écrit: شويه صيادله ولاد ستين وسخه علشان هما صحاب قرار ادراجه لقاءمه جدول اول مخدرات واحنا بنتعالج بيه و مش لقينه في الصيدليات

pregabaline eg 75 mg

Lyrica (pregabalin) – Know Your Drug

la description:
In this episode of Know Your Drug, Brothers Phil Debiasio and Dai-Nghia Khuong discuss the prescription drug Lyrica (pregabaln). Lyrica is commonly prescribed in patients with pain associated with diabetic peripheral nueropathy, fibromyalgia, postherpatic nueralgia, and seizures in adults. This information is a general guideline and is not meant to replace physician orders. Patients using Lyrica should use this medication according to their prescriber!

KGC. TANTO8 écrit: It's asham that the government won't listen. LRYICA WILL STOP ALL DRUG ADDICTION WITHDRAWAL. THIS DRUG WORKS 100% TO STOP THE SUFFERING OF DRUG ADDICTION.Passing Through écrit: Stay away from this lethal drug.koez koez écrit: How do i contact youmonchichiyoshi écrit: If you stop it can cause seizures. Wow! Just don’t stop – we need you to be addicted to this crap.monchichiyoshi écrit: You are drug dealers. Selling toxins.#Biden 2020 écrit: Great job guys!Wendy a Christian écrit: This is a evil highly addictive drug. It does horrible damage to your body. Anyone trying to get off of it will tell you. You don't realize your addicted until you try to get off of it. Like me, I thought my Lyme disease was getting worse, but it wasn't it is Lyrica. Please I beg you.,DONT TAKE IT. It us another way the pharmaceutical companies have a constant stream of money. Doctors are either unaware or they don't care.David Coomber écrit: The long winter evenings would fly by in the company of these twoHumood écrit: Lol its a real fun with flags showJo Feeney/Mason écrit: YaaaaaaaaaaaawnJosh Phillips écrit: xanax best dope woth some medical cannabisKim Howell écrit: What happens when i take 150mg once and stop cold turkey ?Maygee Walker écrit: omg wow, looks like these two have been held hostage while making this video, wth? , this med is poison, i suffer horribly and cant take this crap ill sufferPhrygian Dominant écrit: They left something vital out on what Lyrica/Pregabalin is licensed and approved to treat, which also used in the treatment of GAD: Generalized Anxiety DisorderMaribel De Andres écrit: estos comentarios deben tambien en españolcamerrill écrit: Post-herpatic indicates post-herpes. It is not Post-therapeutic, as you pronounced it.wren460 écrit: Wow, those 2 robots almost look human!!!!RICHY MARK NORMAN écrit: This is one hell of a nasty drug.You will realise this when you end up coming off it….Hopefully the personal cost that you will eventually pay,will not be more than you can afford…Good luck.beakf1 écrit: It feels like these poor guys have target spots on the back of there heads by the Lyrica Pharmaceutical companies sniper team. Read the script or else.Tony True écrit: please burn these corporate assholes to the ground and kill all the fucking cocksuckers who invented this shit I hope their children burn to death in a horrible fire or get tortured by some sick motherfuckerLenon Hope écrit: Please spread the message and help us. Thank you!–2/x/15064923AN Feuerstahl écrit: Boring, crappy video.Kenneth Soriano écrit: thanks guys, and please know there are some of us that appreciate the time you take in making videos and are not critics, but just need the info, thanks again!kadir1982 écrit: Take it easy on these 2…and try to make a video on a drug yourself…jesus, what have we come to? Instead of bashing what you do not like, just promote what you like…King_Kev00 écrit: Please be a little more enthusiastic with you video. Even Stephen Hawkins has more enthusiasmConec Visuals écrit: oh dear GAWD!!!! LOLray ray écrit: You know the Chinese guy has a rash on his assray ray écrit: These fuckers should be in SNL, you look at them talk, and obviously where dropped on there head when they where young!!wavygr écrit: I quit 300mg of Lyrica a day cold turkey. I did not have a seizure but i felt horrible and it felt like my skin was crawling.ray ray écrit: By the way Lyrica killed my brother 4 month ago!!!ray ray écrit: Mr China man, you talk like you just had a pennis up your ass, ofcourse I say this will all do respect!! nice hair.GEZZA1 écrit: it doesnt make me suicidal. it just makes me homocidal against people who work for drug companies, like the two "brothers" here.James Penz écrit: you two bought and sold pieces of shit will be brought to nothing by the time your poison takes its toll on the unwise people of this world. May God have mercy on your souls.asdf dsfg écrit: my wonder, does lyrica result antisocial behaviors?Jake Mills écrit: Guys that was terrible. Your body language and tonal variations suggest that neither of you is comfortable in this setting. Maybe being filmed or talking to an audience is not your thing.Leni GUTMAN écrit: EN FRANCAISjo son écrit: do you to meatheads take this bad drugjamal mohammed écrit: how long does it stay in the systemfademan écrit: Lyrica is shitjoe brush écrit: You two are nothing but " Drug Pushers " for Pfizer , I would love to know how many shares of PFE you have in your portfolio . LYRICA is POISON and that I know from just 3 50mg doses daily for fewer than 6 weeks . I weaned myself off of it after taking it for PHN if anything I feel a lot better with a clear mind as well . I suggest the two of you try it for 6 months and then argue and drool alongside one another .beanny shalom écrit: you two should be ashamed of youirselves advertising suicide and death your researchMark O’Cain écrit: These guys home bakeStephen Thomson écrit: Definitely sexual tension between these two!

pregabaline pfizer 25 mg


la description:
lyrica neuropathic pain, anxiety disorder, a certain form of epilepsy

Youcef salaman ecrit: جزائري يحب صاروخ �� �� مر من هنا ��Wesley Barton ecrit: This garbage will make your brain into mush. Why the hell is seizure medication prescribed off label for pain? MONEY is why.melaim mohamed ecrit: Exponienoo infiesSTICKupKIDD 84 ecrit: was is das fürn Rotz?
ich weiss selber,wie die aussehen…wow,echt killer du Horst!!!Hwee Leng Chew ecrit: Dont like this medicine ,the side effect i had, not mention, not clear and i cant knock off with this medicine…does it work for everyone???and expensive toozahdi mehdi ecrit: SaroukheGra 67 ecrit: This will rot your brain The latest research reports clearly documents this!!Medical fact but they won't tell you that when your sincerely taking g them together better Do the research You only have 1 brainsido bouberras ecrit: ��Samara kapoor ecrit: Pgl kaise use krte kya krte vo to bata mentalRabbsy Rabs ecrit: clean ya nails you filthy grom!Yoann Parfait ecrit: how can i get them?

pregabaline zentiva 50 mg


la description:
Schmerzen und Entzündung – ein typisches Einsatzgebiet für den Wirkstoff Diclofenac. Deshalb hilft Diclofenac besonders bei chronischen Gelenkerkrankungen wie Rheuma oder bei Sportverletzungen wie Zerrungen und Prellungen. Im Vergleich zu Acetylsalicylsäure und Paracetamol gehört der Wirkstoff Diclofenac zu den eher jüngeren Medikamenten: Seit 1974 ist der Diclofenac auf dem Markt eingeführt. Der Essigsäureabkömmling ist eines der am häufigsten eingesetzten Schmerzmittel – jährlich werden in Deutschland von den Herstellern mit dem Wirkstoff Diclofenac rund 130 Millionen Euro umgesetzt. \n\n* Subcribe here : \n\n\nSour:

Lugaram Lugaram écrit: HiiNaisly X écrit: Dickelofenackfaty fleur de lys écrit: C'est bien ou pas.farxiyo maxamed qolif écrit: ��������Ouma Oumaima écrit: Tm

pregabaline mylan 75 mg avis

A Closer Look At Lyrica Side Effects

la description:
Here’s what a drug ad would look like if they actually showed the side effects.\n\nSubscribe now:\n\nCREDITS:\nWriter/Editor: Darren Miller\nVFX: Bryan Wieder\n\nGet more Funny Or Die\n——————————-\nLike FOD on Facebook:\nFollow FOD on Twitter:\nFollow FOD on Tumblr:\nFollow FOD on Instagram:\nFollow FOD on Vine: \nFollow FOD on Pinterest:\nFollow FOD on Google+:\nSee the original at:

dave henderson 2 écrit: Its trueeach1ofus deserveshelp2livethislife écrit: docs force patients IN NEED to take this very evil drug instead of giving save meds. i was prescribed lyrica multiple times, without warnings, without any understanding of this drug, it can and will put the majority of ppl taking it to lead a horrific life, full of pain, fear and dozens of other ugly side effects! STAY AWAY – dont EVER try it!Natural born Killer écrit: ��������Billy X écrit: I've had 2 seizures In my life and both times id taken Lyrica in combination with other drugs. First time was ketamine, alcohol, MDMA and Lyrica. Second time id been smoking meth.
Mind you when i take Lyrica my doses are high 600-1,200MG range.Matt McFaul écrit: i am living the side effects right now. Every single symptom. stopped taking around a week ago, still worried I might not get my brain back, or if the pain will die back down, or if I'll ever sleep again. Doctors can't do shit about this either, you just have to grin and bear it. If I wasn't the type of person that spent my life pushing my limits, then this would have pushed me off a tall building 2 months ago when it started.Magical 801 écrit: Yeah that pretty much sums up Lyrica for youDr Chunky Biscuit écrit: Er…what's funny about that?Michela Raile écrit: And im an addict of Lyrica..1 year..Maria Jones écrit: Not being funny but lyrica is actually a fun drug while your on it , I feel good ,happy , I compare it to MDMA without the nasty come down and head fuck . I’ve been taken maximum dose of lyrica 600mg a day for the last 9 years . I’ve abused it yes now it’s a controlled drug . So if I abuse my monthly script I can’t get any until its time .

The reality is people only die when it’s mixed with drugs like heroin or coke so a drug cocktail . No brainier really don’t mix ur drugs . Or over drink water most MDMA deaths are from over drinking water an drug cocktails that’s right water is a killer . People don’t get suicidal on them they have to already be suicidal beforehand . Before even taken the drug . It’s not a anti psychotic drug it won’t help with suicidal thoughts or depression symptoms lol .

The one thing I will say about this drug is when u been taken it for as long as I have in max dose your body goes through withdrawals like really bad when u don’t have it . And it’s not like a heroin or coke withdrawal where it gets easier lyrica withdrawals carry on for weeks not mentally but ur whole body is effected it’s like being in the first week of heroin withdrawal for weeks on end . Obviously not as bad six months it took someone I know to get over withdrawal symptoms from it . Just on withdrawal alone I wouldn’t recommend this drug at all i can’t handle weeks on end of withdrawal I withdrawn and come off different types of street drugs and prescription drugs but this is by far the worst I’ve come across just because of how long it lasts . I didn’t make it past six weeks . I couldn’t handle the withdrawal anymore. Don’t really see a way off these pills tbh , I would rather have a heroin addiction and go through heroin withdrawal , craving after withdrawal effects wear off is all a mental thing that I can deal with that craving is easy withdrawal part is not

other than that I don’t get any of the symptoms mentioned in this video apart from the happy high . Like most users get none of the symptoms in this video at all just the happy high . Hence the reason this drug is abused so much

It’s like paracetamol has side effects , but the majority of people don’t get side effects it’s exactly the same with pregablin majority of people the only side effect is the happy high withdrawal only happens after long term use not if u take them for a bit of fun or get prescription for a month .rl 2 écrit: This stuff is the devil incarnateSahitya Rampal écrit: Firstly I quit taking white Chita and tramadol but this pregabinal give you only fever but the suicide thought gives you every time if pregabinal is not thereelijah pink écrit: Pregablin has turned me in to a zombie .it helped for a while but I needed to take more and more to feel ‘normal’. I’m now completely addicted and without it I get so sick that I can’t function. It has total control of my life. Don’t touch it if I have ANY mental health issues or addiction issues. It WILL EAT YOU Up. Withdrawal is hell..for me it is too much. This drug will be the death of me.Stop 5G Scotland ! écrit: Nearly as bad as diazepam that shitt !Mitch écrit: What other options do we have for small fiber neuropathy? Thxtimothy matthews écrit: i love Lyrica ,, YumShimmano Joe écrit: I started on lyrica for nerve damage I ended up doing a 12 month prison sentencedotard blormph écrit: i just snorted my LyricaD S écrit: Ill take this to my pain managment and ask her wtf she takes me off norko and gives me this shit that makes me tiredviktorya psychedelic.souljam écrit: "May cause addiction" Will cause dependence witch leads to addiction.Olivia J écrit: All fun and gamez until you get dependent on it works wonder for short term depressionWalter Houben écrit: Lyrica saved many people’s lives, just have to know how to use it and not abuse it !Joe Smith écrit: Had to stop taking it after I ended up making racist tweets and lost my job.Theveganflower écrit: Haha as a pharmacy technician I can tell you what they give you is a pill that is soppuse to help something….but also make it worse and add depression, suicidal thoughts and death.Josh Vlunt écrit: Almost off this drug completely it actually ruined my life can’t believe I found this and it’s one hundred percent spot onCSolarstorm écrit: The point of side effect warnings is that the drug doesn't affect everyone the same way, so they're listing the warnings just in case. So a video like this gets a lot of people sharing their experiences, with a lot of them saying Lyrica hurt them, that it's "poison", while others praise Lyrica for helping them. I myself take Neurontin for pain every day, though not too much, or the side effects look a lot like this. In addition to the physical aspect, pain has a subjective aspect, depending on your perception. Point is, nobody can say that the video is "lying" when it's just describing the possible side effects that some people actually have.Orenthal Simpson écrit: TerrifyingSinn Sage écrit: lyrica really is a lot of fun but you have to take like 4-8 pills.Keith Newberry écrit: Scary thing is , all these warning are true.immrnoidall écrit: to some ,this is not funny. because it is so realistic and true. those meds scared the fuck out of me. doctor are forcing chronic pain patients to take this shit, by taking away their regular safe opiates and making them live in sever pain ,kill themselves,or take the lyrica at 10 times the cost. make no mistake.this is about cash. trillions. not any type of harm from you opiate prescription. these evil bastards do not give a shit about your life. if you even think of talking about it with your doctor[ drug dealer ] , YOU WILL BE CUT OFF AND FORCED TO SUFFER THE PAIN" AND" GO THROUGH THE MOST HORRIFYING MENTAL BREAKDOWN WITHDRAWALS EVER KNOW .YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MIND AND IT MAY NOT RETURN.Jonathan Leon écrit: EVERTHINGISTERRIBLE: FUNNY OR DIE EDITIONLost&Found écrit: My toilet is funnier than this.Aubree W écrit: Yep, that's about right…. and it's hell to stop taking. It makes you very very sick, and they do not tell you that when you start it. You don't think about it being hard to stop because it's not a narcotic…Rhys Jones écrit: I guess that was the "die" side of "Funny or Die"?Jill Dunn écrit: At first when I read the title I thought it said "lycra" side effects and then I wondered what those were. Oops.Jake Pullman écrit: So I guess they chose "die"?Steven Campbell écrit: What utter madness to make safe cannabis illegal while poison like these prescription drugs are pushed onto the sick?Extra Mile écrit: NOT funny.jarry jayo écrit: the worst one is genital itch, they play these ads on CNN all the time.and do you know why they play them. it's so CNN can't do a story about Drug company's side effects because they are a big time paid advertiser, same reason you'll see boeing aircraft, like we are in the market of buying a fighter craft.mute8s écrit: Do a search for "adult swim unedited footage of a bear" to see the first time someone did an idea like this.TheAnial8r écrit: They know exactly what they were doing with the thumbnail.Weirdbutneat écrit: This is true isn’t it?Steve M écrit: This has to be the most honest drug commercial everM- Nice écrit: Lyrica is awesome. Doesn't make you feel doped up but somehow makes your whole day better like working in the background it removes some pains and without pain everything just seems better. Do a funny commercial for oxycodone cuz that's hilarious the way drugmakers lied to us and it's killing everyonePoisonDart écrit: Creepypearlshaynea écrit: I totally misread the title and thought it was about LYCRA. The athletic fabric. So disappointed.LilyD 12 écrit: Remember the George Lopez episode when:

– Carmen ran away
– Carmen had to switch schools because of rumors
– Max got drunk
– Jason abandoned her
-Carmen was kicked out of private school

Etc, etc, etcThemicison Kreativ écrit: Oh my, drug companies make things dissapear…. I wouldn’t piss them off, but carry on was funny as hellSony R écrit: Guess I’m the lucky few, worked perfectly fine for me. Nerve pain from lumbar spinal cord tumor. Gabapentin made me nauseous. Within 1 week pain level significantly reduced �� worked better then opioidsGigi The Waitress écrit: This was sort of dark and I love it.Adam wiggins écrit: My mom had fibromyalgia, she mixed this stuff with another prescription, and stopped breathing in her sleep…….died April 2016…Aptery écrit: Yea feetDRAGONADElol écrit: That thumbnail triggered my foot fetish XdMrMacAwesome écrit: I'm showing my wife this, I need an adultMisterDanny écrit: Oh, Unedited Footage of a Bear is real. I'm going to go scratch all of my skin off now, bye.BlackburnBigdragon écrit: I had surgery that left me with permanent nerve damage in my tailbone, giving me constant, permanent, nerve pain to everything below my belt. This drug combined with Percocet saved my life and made it so that I could actually function in society again. That said, I have something to say. This issue of drug companies advertising directly to the public is a problem that definitely has to stop. I'm a firm believer that your doctor knows what's best for his/her patients without the patient seeing something on TV and then running to them and badgering them about it. It's just wrong. It shouldn't be done this way.Joshua Allan écrit: What is it?Greg Tyrone écrit: I think pain is preferable to this shit! :-OMrSubsound90 écrit: They're getting worse, I saw a blood pressure med with the side effect "loss of connection with reality or that reality is distorted"!!!Sheepsquatch écrit: This is a comment.kickinitwithmydawg écrit: poison. don't take.tigerbalm écrit: Doctors, who are soo respected (which I disagree)….are teh Pharmecutical shills selling their poison! Wut happened to the hypocratic oath?BostonEmily écrit: I fucking love lyrica… Because im an addict ���� 90 days clean tho��Woodrow Johnston écrit: Was this supposed to be funny?DisMaFugger Here écrit: OK so you didn't add commentary of your own so no law suit, but I can see a take down notice in your future.King Peppy écrit: A W E S O M E S A U C ENick Granese écrit: This shit makes my dad depressed and act strange, but his diabetic nerve pain is awful and to keep working his labor job, on his feet all day, at age 60, he needs it. It's not really a fucking jokeLeeroyGreen écrit: I only clicked for the thumbnailMr. West écrit: I always just watch funny it die videos, and when it's over, I'm just like. I didn't laugh the whole time… The ideas are always really good, but they never make me laugh… Anyone else?7 Opinions écrit: Thank God I stopped it with doctors permission alreadyTrevor Dishaw écrit: I was on it for a month, they also need to include “total wang/balls numbness” to the list.Claudette S écrit: I have ms, and took this. Didn't really walk for 2.5 years, and after 16 months off it in still detoxing, and (!) I think it's one of the most dangerous meds on the market. And I gained 60lbs in 3-4 months, wonder if I'd be disabled if I didn't take it ����Jared Hempfield écrit: FUCK BIG PHARMA! Take Dimethyltrimpamine, side affects may include out of body experiences, telepathic contact with trans-dimensional entities and a heightened perception of this reality and remote viewing of your past.JohnHadesDoe écrit: ��Love is not in the air écrit: WowEric Louderback écrit: This wasn't very funnyTony, The Stark écrit: This is random as hell! I love it!GorillaGuerilla écrit: What the F*** is wrong with you people?
You do realize that some highly impressible people will now be likely to refuse taking a drug that can help them because of shit like this!?
Some of these side effects can occur in a lot of medicines, but you specifically targets Lyrica!
Hope the company sues you!Tickety Blue écrit: They should actually show this on commercials.Varun K écrit: I n f o r m a t i v eNaderR écrit: I have a pack with only two missing tablets, enough to realize this is poison.Sora Graal écrit: Lyrica is much more clearer with the side effectsJt Wright écrit: damn.’s brother écrit: Myself and my partner are from the uk and recently travelled to las vegas for a week – we couldnt belive the adverts for so called medical products we saw while there!GenericGeorge écrit: I take lyrica daily. Its not addictive at all, the only affects I get is a slight drunk affectRAE10182504 écrit: More of these please. And a very special episode as well.CypyCup écrit: And than you end up with peripheral neuropathy through no fault of your own and think "Welp, i'm gonna kill myself either way if i don't get the tiniest bit of relief"Starrphire écrit: This is so Unedited Footage of a BearA Salamander at Heart écrit: Umm watDarkb4light 06 écrit: I've been in it and something they don't mention is loss of time and sleepwalking. It also causes you to say and do things that you don't remember. Scary shit.Just Emmie écrit: Funny or Die should we be worried about you??Joshua Taylor Madison écrit: Pain is NOT funny.Bounty Hunter Kakuzu écrit: I like the thumbnailNi ck écrit: DEPRESSIONComModity écrit: CleverJera-Munya écrit: damn im fast