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Doctor Talks Drugs: Gabapentin & Pregabalin

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I’m Elliott, a JUNIOR DOCTOR specialising in psychiatry and mental health. Gabapentin and pregabalin are commonly prescribed anti-anxiety drugs. However, they have become a much more prevalent choice of recreational drug both for their depressant effects similar to alcohol and opiates, but also some stimulant effects. How do they work? Watch this video to find out. Don’t forget to click subscribe to be the first to know about any new uploads.\n\nWhat are your experiences of these medications? Have you found them effective or have the side effects been more problematic than the benefits? Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE.\n\nTwitter: @elcarthy\nInstagram: @dr.elliott.carthy\nBlog:\nFacebook: @dr.elliott.carthy\n\nMusic: Get Back Up – Silent Partner \n\nWho to contact\n• call your GP – ask for an emergency appointment\n• call 111 out of hours – they will help you find the support and help you need \n• contact your mental health crisis team – if you have one\n• If your life is in danger then call 999 or go to A\u0026E\n\nMental Health Links\n\nMental health foundation\n\n\nMind\n\n\nSamaritans\nTel: 116 123\nEmail:\n\nThe Silver Line\n\nTel: 0800 470 8090\n\nChildline\nTel: 0800 1111\n\n\nSelf-harm links\n\nHarmless (self-harm)\n\n\nSelfharm UK\n\n\nDrug and alcohol support\n\nFRANK\n\nText: 82111 \nCall: 0300 123 6600\n\nDrinkline\nPhone: 0300 123 1110\n\nAddaction\n\n\nDrugFAM\\n\nDrugs and Me\n

Dr Elliott Carthy écrit: What are your experiences of these medications? Have you found them effective or have the side effects been more problematic than the benefits? Let me know in the comments section below and don't forget to click SUBSCRIBE.Graham C écrit: I reckon the high is caused by 1 getting a dose of gaba so quickly through the neuromembrane 2 instant release of any of the withdrawal effects even. Ones that you may not yet relise 3 the actual effect of the gaba receptors being overstimulated and flooded with xtra gaba inhibitating other parts of the brain,GOTW Bod écrit: As somebody who has suffered with GAD for years this has helped much more than any SSRi or SNRi. I don't feel weird, I have definitely suffered less anxiety on an hourly/daily basis after 3 months taking Pregabalin. The answer for me is they are ok for now but not forever. I think there is a problem with doctors prescribing SSRi's first for people who suffer from anxiety but NOT DEPRESSION. Doctors overall do not understand this and are being poorly advised. The best advice I can give is to help people nip the problem in the bud as soon as it starts and that's using a holistic approach of adjusting diet, lifestyle, the people you choose to hang around with and attitude. I can't stress this enough to any family member or person that starts suffering from anxiety and SSRi's are NOT the answer in so many cases.Cookie Monster écrit: 3 days in, how long do they take to start working?Pete M écrit: I've been taking pregabalin and quetiapine for a number of years now. I don't get good sleep at the best of times and I've become very concerned about the deterioration in my memory, particularly photographic, which started about five years ago (I'm 39) but seems to have accelerated on this combination of drugs.

Sometimes after taking 300mg pregabalin and 150-200mg quetiapine I wake up within a few hours. I've found pregabalin resolves the restless leg problems I had with quetiapine and also makes my muscles feel very relaxed upon waking. Sometimes it can make me more exhasted during the day, I've noticed I've lost strength and find cycling harder since taking them. Quetiapine has always had an effect on my heart but I think pregabalin modifies this somewhat. It's hard to say. If I go on a short bike ride, I find it harder to walk downstairs, like my legs are shaking. It's very odd.klemcio 97 écrit: In high doses, pregabalin is very euphoric. Sometimes I take something about 4 grams and it makes me feel amazingTkamil Kamil écrit: ThanqTiny Rick écrit: I can’t even imagine snorting 300mg of pregabalin, or anything for that matter. Now *boofing*, that’s another storyJ Roc écrit: I recently had a lumbar fusion for my sciatic nerve. Gabapentin affected my vision and caused memory problems. Now they have me on Pregabalin. If I forget to take it I have withdrawals comparable to those from opiates. I'm also having memory problems with the Pregabalin. It's ridiculous what doctors are doing to avoid opiates for pain.monchichiyoshi écrit: PoisonScott Cupp écrit: Subbed Doc. Great video. I am on 3200 MG a day for nerve pain. It helps immensely.AL écrit: It actually helped me a lot with my heroin withdrawal ..ibro khan écrit: I love psychiatry so much…but every one makes fun of it…i am about to finish my 2nd year if mbbsibro khan écrit: Subbed��

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