prégabalin 25 mg

Prescribing pharmacist thrives on expanded scope of practice

la description:
Mr. L. presents with a prescription for pregabalin 25 mg for diabetic neuropathic pain in his legs. The prescription is the same dose he’s been receiving for the past several months. When asked, he mentions that he is not having any problem with his prescription. At the majority of Canadian pharmacies, this prescription would be filled and Mr. L. would leave with his pregabalin prescription. Read more (\n\nLearn more at

Fish819 écrit: I am a student pharmacist in Alberta. This is exactly what I have envisioned to do, despite the pushback from common thought in society and other health care professionals. Thank you for your example in pursuing the expanded scope of pharmacy! I hope to set my local pharmacy up in a similar manner soon! What you are doing is good for the patients, doctors, and the pharmacists.GS Academy écrit: I'm a pharmacist. But in India non pharmacy candidate also practice pharmacy..Wallace Entringer Bottacin écrit: That is awesome!

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