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R. Edward Hogan, MD: Diazepam Nasal Spray Offers Benefits and Long-Term Safety

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Recent interim analysis of a long-term safety study of intranasal diazepam (Valtoco, Neurelis) in more than 100 patients with epilepsy showed that the therapy was safe and well-tolerated in those with frequent breakthrough seizures. In total, only 17.4% (n = 19) of patients administered at least one 5-, 10-, 15-, or 20-mg dose experienced an adverse event (AE) deemed related to the study drug. \r\n\r\nThe most frequent AEs related to the therapy were nasal discomfort (6.4%; n = 7), and epistaxis, headache (8.2%; n = 4). In total, 67 patients reported an AE, and 18 patients had 30 serious AEs, none of which were treatment related. The data were presented at the 2019 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Additionally, a single dose of medication was determined to be adequate for seizure control in 1457 of 1585 seizure episodes (92%).\r\n\r\nR. Edward Hogan, MD, director, adult epilepsy center, and professor of neurology, Washington University in St. Louis, told NeurologyLive that the therapy has shown great success thus far in well-conducted clinical trials, and that its intranasal formulation offers a great advantage over the traditional rectal administration. To find out more about diazepam and what it offers patients and physicians, NeurologyLive spoke with Hogan in an interview.

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Diazepam Review And Oversleeping

la description: Thoughts on Diazepam and how to motivate yourself to get out of bed! Any questions feel free to ask away. Hope this is useful. Feel free to share the website with others as all resources are free!

clint mannion écrit: Just wait till u have to come of them you are in for a world of painCharlie Lee écrit: Wot to sell someJeffrey Gabel écrit: Your eye is swollenpoketfull écrit: Taking drugs is not a job mate. Anxiety and depression is made up excuse for laziness. #benefits #scronger #singer?#rocky1980s dude écrit: this gut actually has some very good valid points…and makes sense…..experience goes a long way and he has been on different stuff for years…..thanks David hope all is well and you can make new…vids….Let us know how it's going…you have many loyal subscribers..1980s dude écrit: love this dude….he just puts a smile on my face when im having a shitty day…..HUGO 562 écrit: I'm gonna watch this again tonight…when I take mine..the pharmacy just called and i just picked mine up…wish me luck…HUGO 562 écrit: Just had this prescribed for my wisdom teeth extraction…haven't slept well in a week…waiting to pick them up from my pharmacy right now..HUGO 562 écrit: I agree look forward to things…that will be beneficial to one self..HUGO 562 écrit: Thank you for this..I suffer from tinnitus and insomnia..the ringing sound causes me anxiety do to the fact that it's a constant buzzing that wont got away.. louder at night of course…I like your honesty…when your injured or like me just have had wisdom toothed extraction and can't do any thing physical it sucks cause you much…cheers from California..Gaz écrit: GPs seem to be more reluctant to prescribe this now. Only ever got hold of it when I was at A&E for my mental health crisis & even then I was only given three 2mg pills to take home. My GP would rather give me Propranolol & Mirtazapine for anxiety. Both help me though in that way so can't really complain.Khola écrit: I was on a high dose of Benzos from age 18 for over twenty years. Nitrazepam, Diazepam and then importing my own Alprazolam. Ended up hooked on very strong research Benzos. Withdrawals nearly killed me and I'm still not right 2 years later. I've not been able to sleep correctly and my anxiety is still off the charts.
Sadly Doctors in the U.K. are so reluctant to prescribe me anything I'm now screwed in later life if I need them.

Just be careful guys. If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone and if you have the slightest touch of an addictive personality stay well away.

Benzodiazepines are also horribly carcinogenic. They are a last resort and zopiclone is probably preferable in the short term (although just as addictive).newstyle81 écrit: he said he take 30mg of diazepam!!!!! wtf he is over over dose !!!Tom e écrit: Benzos when taken as directed will over time create more anxiety that you had before you took them. At first they relieve anxiety but after a while they actually create anxiety. When taken as directed they will cause withdrawal after a month of daily use.Dima Kachurin écrit: I'm new to anxiety, having to recover from leg surgerys for long periods of time without getting out of my room much, I had my first anxiety /panic attack after 8 weeks in bed. After a trip to the hospital, I was then placed on valium, many times per day at the beginning but just a few months later I use them as needed. Maybe 2 per day. I have another surgery coming up and will be down again for only 8 weeks total. But this time I have prepared for more visitors as well as I will be mobile soon after surgery. I'm keeping my valium for now and hoping to get away from them during my physical therapy. I bought it here Very good medication, satisfied a lot!waal ipper écrit: Oh crumbs wtf lolAtiq Faisil écrit: Buddy fuckoffstelios hristofi écrit: Just smoke weed rich in cbd. You will be fineJessica Mammoliti écrit: Mate does vaulim help u sleep? Doesn't for me 🙁 how do u get it to work for sleep?Aaron Maloney écrit: Your troubles may fade away " for now ! but believe me they come back at a rate you've never experienced before , & sometimes never go away with some people, if someone is reading this & hasn't been taking them
very long ! stop now! Please listen to me , these drugs are so dangerous.Aaron Maloney écrit: why are you advocating the use of diazepam ?Aaron Maloney écrit: Wow someone advocating diazepam!No No No !!!! They give people brain damage & your doctor needs to be shot for even giving them out ! even in small doses " its damages your gaba receptors & they don't heal .Ronniedasmoker écrit: I'm on diazepam's myself I get prescribed 28x5mg every month they do work excellent for anxiety but are very Moorish and sometimes IV gone threw the full month's supply in one day without realising memory loss I thinkDooM KinG écrit: wow what a grate opinion tyHamish Woollett écrit: You have that Thom Yorke eye ^_^gunben094 écrit: hi can i private message u i need some help and adviceEmma Beesley écrit: I know this is a old video but is there a way I can contact you privately just need to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through xThe Whole Year INN écrit: Try Phenibut its ace !Ellen Price écrit: FuckOff!!erica doherty écrit: 3 valuim a day think i should take 2 in the night i very fightened of the dark dont want to go out in the nighterica doherty écrit: im sleeping to much all together not rightJade Louie écrit: I had my first psychotic episode last year and have been finding it impossibly difficult to communicate with people. Considering that my episode began at the end of my second year of university and reached its peak at the beginning of my 3rd and final year getting it sorted was obviously a priority. The doctors started me on risperidone but I was basically a zombie on it. I was even more scared of talking to people because I simply could not focus for longer than 30 seconds on it take that and add that I was in my final year of an acting degree and I had a job and the medication was clearly not a good fit. But they just kept increasing the dosage. I managed to graduate (with a first I might add!) and now the doctors have put me on Aripiprazole and Diazepam. Also if any one knows anything about Aripiprazole before I take my first dose I would very much appreciate the advice as I am not in a graduate job which is very fast paced and high pressure so I need to know of this is going to zonk me out! Thanks 🙂Sabrina Carmelotes écrit: benzodiazepines is good as long as you don't abuse it. I'm taking benzodiazepines every 3 days. the effect for me is 3 days. I'm pro-medication. take it if needed if you can get your sleep in natural way better. peacebottle1 lack écrit: 5mg?? wtf i must take at least 10 to calm the fuck down, another 10 to get ready to sleep and the last 8 to get my head straight when I wake upWheel Smif écrit: lmao he said "oh crumbs" I gotta use thatPedro Mfc écrit: You look high broWelsh_Aspie Ian écrit: Why do people have to be so judgemental nobody is perfect on this planet we all the same going through this must be hard for u mate I got full respect for u keep being positivePaul Attwell écrit: I take 5mg diazepam 3 times a day. Without it I wouldn't be here. However my anxiety is severe with panic attacks. I also take Sertraline and DepakoteStar Williams écrit: 5 mgs? you should get 10s blue one take 2 and float away ��TomKnowsHow écrit: Hi buddy I just feel sleepy on diazepam? xXrubieWolfieXx écrit: Just got twenty diazepam 10mg and never taking them before Marc Cameron écrit: Eye eye !
Andro Rosenkranz écrit: Your right eye took more diazepam than your left one tigerkillslion écrit: hahaha man are you taking drugs and making reviews of your feelings of it?  lol your the best. if thats true you are the guy im looking for and you deserve my sub and further millions^^. Your experience maybe make me help to do a "right" decision for taking  any kind of drug in the "right" situation.. So im planning a crazy trip to prag this weekend this includes taking much of cocaine (stimulates) and i know it comes a point that my mind says i have to sleep but my body dont want to.  Does it really help me to come down if i take some of it, so i can sleep well^^?  haha shit im feeling like a junkie while i writing this comment and  probably  I am but nevertheless i live a good social live except  that i taking much drugs last time. So i would be glad for some advice*.

sorry for my bad english its not my mother tongue
best wishes from berlin!

*every statements in this comments isnt true, if my mother read thisjayzee écrit: Im down to 1mil i get anxious n worried at night time due to other things in my life n t.he chest pain killing me i went from 3x 90 mils per day and its took 6 months but im down to 1 mil thats super quick and ive done it alone this is the 4th day on 1mil just started getting stomach cramps as we type ere no sickness that stopped after 10 mil to 5 mil just chest pains and anxiety and stomach painsViral Killer écrit: I took 50mg first time…not my fav drug, a bit of a downer…would be good to relax after a very busy day, but not during the dayxPlantpoTx écrit: ffs if its sleeping problemsnyou have dobt fucking take this shit. theres far better ways to achieve deep sleep than this powerful manmade drug. ofc pot is one but theres far more manmade dryg id take well over this very very addictive drug….. STAY CLEARimnotaskippingstone écrit: your eye? ptosis maybe??John P écrit: I'd say he's on between 20-30mg while making this vidda71000 écrit: I have the same thing where one of my eyes kinda goes to sleep when I'm drunk or bent. For me, it's my left eye. It's fine when I'm sober.TheBrutalTruth écrit: WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE, MEDICATION SHOULD GO IN THE FUCKING BIN. DEAL WITH YOUR ISSUES, NOT RUN AWAY AND MAKE THEM WORSE.John P écrit: You're on diazepam in this vid mate.DirkGmail écrit: what happend to your eye?sunairjet écrit: Yeah I know I had shocks and aches when I quit my sleeping pillsBen Rogers écrit: Cannot skip Diazepam as you have to taper off it. You can't just stop it because it is dangerous and you can have seizures. I can up my Zopiclone to 7.5MG maximum but now I am on Oxycodone 20MG and sleep even better.sunairjet écrit: Have you thought of increasing your zopiclone dose and skipping the benso? z-drugs have a short half life. 4 hours for zopiclone compared to 20 hours for diazepamRustled Jimmies écrit: proper fucked up
OB1 écrit: informaite video dude thanks alot, but you should look at syncing your videos in future i had to listen rather than watch lolRoss Davies écrit: Have you had a stroke?glowy303 écrit: Psych doc has got me on mirtazapine for GAD + mild depression… been on it two weeks and it's just sedating, doesn't get rid of anxiety much (if at all) and no mood elevation really… Benzos are the only things which I know work well but don't fancy using them because I know what addiction is (opiates) and that's not my bag anymore… Plus doc won't even flirt with the idea of giving benzos out… What other options are there? AT A LOOSE END HERE!Ben Rogers écrit: Taken benzos everyday since 2004 so they don't work as well as 7 years and 11 months ago or so lolBen Rogers écrit: I find myself going to sleep at 4 or 5 AM and waking up at 4PM due to being on 20-30MG Diazepam, 3.75MG Zopiclone and 150MG Seroquel and Codeine Phosphate some nights for headaches. Do you have any advise as to how to sort my stupid sleeping pattern out as it is not benefiting my life sleeping all day! Cheers mate and thanks for the video.epiphone4life écrit: Nozac, Side-effexor, mirtazasleeps, Sadly me and my doctor realise diazepam is the only thing that works. After taking it for a while it does stop working. Harvey881 écrit: I'm about to go and pick up my first prescription of diazepam. I'm concerned about using a medication at all (it's my first time on anything), but as ever I have to trust my doctor.

I was worried about taking it, but your video has really helped me to feel a little better. Really, thank you. I hope you're doing well.

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Originally approved in 1959, diazepam marketed as Valium ultimately became the first drug to surpass $1 billion in yearly sales. Even though the drug is more than 60 years old, it still ranks as the 112th most frequently prescribed drug in the United States. This benzodiazepine belongs to the same family as Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Serax and Restoril.\n\nPrincipally prescribed to treat anxiety related disorders, diazepam may be helpful in combating skeletal muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal related delirium tremens and short term insomnia. Diazepam also may ameliorate complications resulting from hallucinogens and certain stimulants – LSD, cocaine and methamphetamine. Diazepam also provides temporary relief of seizures.\n\nGovernmental guidelines discourage use of the benzodiazepines in general and specifically diazepam. Diazepam has a long half life and tends to accumulate in the body with regular use. In senior citizens, diazepam may interfere with memory and coordination and result in confusion, slurred speech, difficulty walking and depression.\n\nNon-medical use of diazepam in combination with opioids regularly leads to respiratory depression, coma and death. An intentional or accidental overdosage with diazepam by itself seldom results in death. Common drug related fatalities occur with various mixtures of diazepam, alcohol, opioids, barbiturates, heroin and other central nervous system depressants. This lethal cocktail kills more than 10,000 individuals each year.

muff patrol écrit: hmm sounds lgood, might give it a go.Diane lindenberger écrit: Should you use Valium to get off of klonopin ???? please adviseKarine Aw écrit: Doctor, can u talk about nordazapmChristine R écrit: Ive been on this for spasticityKlesk Quake écrit: ��Oliver Williamson écrit: I would like your take on Kratom if you're taking request. Thank you. Your channel has been invaluable.Unreal Tournament écrit: why do i have the feeling that this vids are from 2000'sPatrick A écrit: 10 days of 1000mg nad+ infusions will prevent serious withdrawalBaica Marian écrit: I have been taking diazepam/valium to threat anxiety and insomnia for 3 years 10 mg / day , and now i cannot sleep without valium anymore , i think to try quit cold turkeyNvr Mnd écrit: In the UK the NHS will not prescribe it in general, if they do, it's only for 1 or 2 weeks, maximum. It's ridiculous because I have PTSD & I'm trying to function in my daily life @ work, I have 0 help from NHS. I understand why some go crazy @ shoot innocent people, because they get no help to live normally! The DSM is more concerned with pedophilia re-classification than adding CPTSD. Just upside down, everywhere.Randomfully Wonderful écrit: God BLESS Valium, our home sweet home.MissAstorDancer écrit: Why have I been prescribed Valium to treat vertigo?Rafael Ben David écrit: hey doc, can you make a video on hallucinogens please?Brodie Francis écrit: Hi Doc. Can you do a presentation on Inderal (Propranolol) uses plus social situational anxiety disorders.
BrodieL M écrit: Diazepam is the only thing that helps my anxiety and panic attacks sadly no doctor will prescribe it in the uk and I've been countless amount of times in last 2 years, they just guinea pig me on a new anti depressant I've already been through 8 different ones & beta blockers that dont help me atall and just make me worse.. also tried cbt with no help atall. I wish they would just listen to me and give me what I know helps me. They just say oh no they are addictive they wont help you even though I know they do.Mikey Stec écrit: Wish I had doctor like youMikey Stec écrit: Diazepam saved my life in the hospital for dystonic reactionMatty Hudson écrit: You encourage me to become a doctor with all these physiatric medications, I would love to help people that actually need these medicines and not abuse them. Thank you!drei t écrit: I think this caused my tinnitusFresh Beginnings écrit: Have been on Clonazepam for 12 years, luckily tolerance is almost non existent. Never upped a dose. Never needed to. Also i have the best memory out of all my friends and family, i am lucky. However i cannot be without it for 1 week without feeling like death.Jeffrey Gabel écrit: I love watching your videosKali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: Doctor, you didn’t mention the side effect of a loss of appetite or a slow down in metabolism.eyemall ears écrit: What a guyZacheriah Webb écrit: Can you make an informative video on invega trenza..please sirRetroOnYoutube écrit: Excellent video Doc, would you please do a video on the Beta Blockers, specifically Propranolol?Jared Daniel écrit: Thank you doctor your videos are so helpful! Please do one on depakote.Frank James Bonarrigo écrit: Can kill you going off them . Very hard to ween off. Takes monthshicko 92 écrit: Thank you for finally doing Valium episode. It’s not your duty but it means you care and very well know your pharmacology.sidka84 écrit: And before this there were meprobamate and barbiturates around.TheAlexisaac1000ify écrit: Well said doc.Kelly T écrit: Their habit forming not addictiveMarcial Bode écrit: Thank you doc been waiting on this one for a whileLILITHS LAIR écrit: Mother's Little Helper ! ��������vincent insomnicide écrit: Very interesting, Sir!Acid Head écrit: Pharmacology virtuosoGary Simone écrit: These meds are no joke be careful someday maybe benzos will be illégalbuck shot écrit: I remember back in the 60's & 70's. Many housewives were prescribed this to ease their malaise and other "problems".albert20001000 écrit: I enjoyed this video very much. Doctor could you please do a video on Methadone. Thanks Doc!

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JRS : Addictions maladies ou comportements déraisonnables? par Philippe Batel

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Addictions maladies ou comportements déraisonnables? par Philippe Batel, Praticien Hospitalier à l’hôpital Beaujon (Clichy) et responsable de l’Unité de Traitement Ambulatoire des Maladies Addictives (UTAMA) depuis 1997.\nJournées recherche et santé 2013.

Eric Kaeuffling écrit: Jusqu’au bout j'ai cru que c'était du second degré.. Il s'est échappé ? Et "on" me dit que ça marche.. C'est une démarche certifié BFM ?Parallel écrit: Archétype même du discours universitaire qui brille par sa merveilleuse pédanterie et son approche materialiste un peu grotesque à décrire des symptômes sans jamais en évoquer les causes et recouvre ainsi de son verbiage sans fin son insondable vacuitéJMB LC EN BIENVAILLANCE écrit: La question Monsieur Batel est:Est il normal que vous soyez un imposteur est t il normal que la structure don vous avez la charge ne vous vois que une foi par semaine?romain ensminger écrit: marrant qu'on fasse un crime du cannabis mais que l'alcool qui est bien plus ravageur est en libre consommation a partir de 18 ans. il faut que ca cesse. que les generations futures n'aient pas a soufrir des problemes alcooliquesCatherine Fourrier écrit: Pourquoi n'y a-t-il pas plus d'informations sur l'alcoolisme et ses conséquences sur le malade mais aussi et surtout sur la destruction totale de la famille avec des personnes en grandes souffrances, le malade alcoolique n'est pas le seul!Eureka Opium écrit: Le craving n'est pas une question de volonté.

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Benzodiazepines-Diazepam and Lorazepam by Dr Shabina Sheth

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Capacity building in the area of Mental health and Substance use

Dont subscribe this channel écrit: Who said buspirone iw a z drugkyle johnson écrit: Valium works bestStrider écrit: What a juvenile thumbnailrathod maheer écrit: madam ham lorazepan ke sath propranol tablets le sakte hai

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Benzo Abuse and Withdrawal | Understand and Overcome Benzodiazepine Addiction

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TO LEARN MORE:\n\nBenzodiazepine addiction is on the rise. Watch this video to learn the necessary information to get yourself or your loved ones off Benzos for good.\n\nIn this video Addiction Counselor Rob Mo covers what Benzodiazepines do, what the most common prescribed benzos are, and how to safely detox and treat benzodiazepine dependence. To fully recovery from benzo addiction, you have to know what is happening to your brain during benzo addiction and withdrawal. Once you understand how your brain has been affected by benzodiazepines, you can then began to heal with proven treatment methods.\n\nHow benzodiazepines work 1:10\nWhy Benzos are prescribed 1:33\nCommonly Prescribed Benzos 2:56\nList of Common Symptoms of Benzodiazepine Abuse 3:17\nDetox Safety for Benzodiazepine Withdrawal 3:35\nWithdrawal symptoms 4:00\nGuide for successful recovery 4:25\nWhere to get Benzo addiction treatment 5:19\n\nWe are here to help. If you or a loved one is suffering from benzodiazepine addiction, please give us a call anytime. We have admissions counselors standing by, ready to guide you. All calls are 100% confidential. Call us anytime at: (855) 274-1040\n\nTree House Recovery’s innovative approach to addiction treatment focuses on the mind/body connection to build sustainable, healthy lives. We believe in a wholeness and wellness focus rather than a bandaid approach to treating addiction. Our eight interconnected modalities work together to treat you as a complete person. The cumulative result is a highly effective program focused on healing you on an individual level. At Tree House, abstinence is simply a jumping-off point. In order to sustain change, you must create a life that you are excited to lead. We guide our clients to these lives. The Tree House team is a highly collaborative unit that works together to offer each client the most effective care available.\n\n#addiction #benzodiazepines #benzodetox

Mega Hawk écrit: I wasted 6 yrs on the stongest benzo diazepam, gone cold turkey for about 12 yrs now and I won't lie withdrawal symptoms are still present, a psychiatrist told me the damage done on your gaba system might be permanent, I wish the old days with my anxiety Fu*k this shit why do they even prescribe it it must be bannnnnnnned_BLeW_ A_FuSe_ écrit: Anyone that get hooked on these things is truly insane it make heroin detox seem like a heaven literally !!TheMardi écrit: benzos are hella weird, two days ago i popped with my friends normal medical betso's. danm, afrter 4 pills i don't remember shit, but me and my two other friends popped 30 pills in total. I only have videos where i'm pastouted and not one timeRay Renati écrit: For most people it’s better to taper at home very slowly.fordfiveohh écrit: Dang…. Audio levels…Den Maskerade Daskaren écrit: Fuck Benzos. Chew these for 5 years daily, took me 6 months of horrible withdrawls to finally function again. Top everyone going through it, keep going strong ��Just ME écrit: DO NOT GO TO REHAB FOR BENZO WITHDRAWAL!

Was on diazepam 20 years for spasm from spinal injury/surgery.
Trying to re-taper.
2.5 years of withdrawal he’ll so far.
Symptoms below.

First some links:

Documentary in which leading experts on Benzodiazepines are interviewed.

Tapering guidance by Prof Ashton. Many ppl find that too fast. Listen to your body.

Full symptom list:

Reports on Benzo & antidepressant dependence & withdrawal by UK parliamentary inquiry.

Guidance for psychologists based on the above:

Piece in a Psychiatric Times about the extent of protracted withdrawal from Benzos and Antidepressants.

Account by a brave woman who didn’t survive withdrawal:

I am not expecting to survive. I have had to reinstate twice because my body is literally crushing itself but now the drugs are paradoxical. My nervous system is sensitised. I can’t take paracetemol, aspirin, any of many muscle relaxants my Neuro has prescribed, Vit D, magnesium, fish oil, many foods.
Benzo withdrawal can throw the entire body in to complete chaos. Recover from it can last many years.
The longest I am aware that someone was ill and then recovered from it is 12 years.

I have had 2.5 years of this hell so far.

All my senses have become deranged.
The tactile fabric of the reality of objects feels wrong and frightening: things feel too light/insubstantial or heavy/hard = phobias of touching clothes, vegetables, paper, my own body, my friends hand.
Taste diminished or things tastes rotten. Feel of foods in mouth is wrong. Hard to manipulate food in mouth. Keep choking because can’t work out how to swallow or throat feels too open.
Visual – things look too detailed or unreal. People look like latex demons.
Smell are too strong. Bad chemical or burning smells that aren’t there.
Severe hyperacusis – Sounds, even taping on this tablet, too loud and distorted.
My own voice sounds distorted & loud in my own head as if shouting through a megaphone. Paper, plastic wrapping, china, cutlery, clocks, voices, cars etc are unbearable.
Complete terror of the world – ordinary objects in my home frighten me beyond describing. When bad it is literally everything.
Bodily sensations get transposed on to world so if my body feels too ‘bouncy’ the world looks too ‘bouncy’. If body feels like it is made of plastic other people look like they are. It is a repulsive, nauseating form of synasthesia. When very bad textures, patterns on things, colours make me feel repulsed.
Loss of normal sensation throughout my body.
I cannot feel any inner sensations such as feeling full regardless of how much I eat – literally no feedback of ever having eaten or being very constipated.
I have a constant obsessional & overwhelming craving for carbs/sugar every moment I am awake. It feels like something has taken over my brain and is acting against my wishes.
However hard I pinch or poke my body between the skin and muscle I cannot feel anything anywhere apart from on the skin. Very altered sensation of pressure.
All of my muscles are tight and pulling against each other from top of head to feet.
Muscle texture/tone has changed – stiff/sticky – has the consistency and sound of a bell pepper being ripped open.
Head gets pulled back. I get pulled backwards and sideways if try to sit – can’t remain upright.
Tightness in face feels like I am being suffocated by my own face.
Neck feels rigid and head constantly moves side to side on it’s own.
Brain feels like it gets yanked sideways in head – makes me stumble sideways.
Muscles esp legs and neck get too ‘springy’ and hard to control.
Whole body including arms gets squeezed.
Tight muscles go very hot and vibrate as each dose wears off.
Head has incredible pressure. As if being pumped up and up constantly.
Jaw and teeth feel tight.
Jaw moves as if trying to chew.
Choking, throat feels too open, food slips down.
Roof of mouth feels too high and feel like will ‘swallow brain’.
Eyes watering and sore – even my own tears irritate them.
Watery sloshing and whooshing in head – gets worse with activity or any noise.
Ears feel full.
Abdomen feels rigid and spasms side to side where back is tight.
Dystonia throughout back, neck, ribs, buttocks, jaw, legs, shoulders. All contracting so tight bending spine, pulling surgery site out. Jaw so tight it snaps shut if try to open mouth.
Feels like I am being squashed by heavy weight.
Hard to breathe.
Severe loss of adipose tissue and collagen. I look about 20 years older than I did this time last year.
Weight gain.
I feel like I am just a tiny part of my brain trapped in a corner of my skull and that ‘I’ no longer extend in to the rest of my body so that my body now feels it is part of the world of ‘stuff’ rather than part of me.
My body feels completely hollow inside.
Sometimes feel like I am being blown up and up like a balloon and will explode.

Feels like someone has poured glue through my body that is getting stiffer and stiffer.
Feel like stretched tight like a drum.
Jaw rigid and jaw joint collapsed.
Unable to take any meds – all cause horrific reaction including laxitive have to take.James Watson écrit: Infusions of NAD… and absolutely nothing else beat my Benzo addiction. Check it out. I hope it helps you. Without NAD I would be dead. I was hopelessly "kindled". Search drug rehab testimonials for NAD and see for yourself. Benzos are the perfect class of drugs for big pharma's agenda. Sell drugs that have to be taken until they kill you. The Sackler family made their first fortune pushing Valium. Now they (Purdue Pharma) push synthetic opioids.can dregskiller écrit: I'm currently feeling the vertigo, sweaty palms, fast heart rate but haven't had hallucinations yet, how far have I gone??? Tbh I'm quite scared I'm going to have a seizureLindsay Graham écrit: You can become dependent on these medications without abusing them!! These drugs are only meant to be used for 2 weeks max and another 2 weeks to taper them. Your body builds tolerance over time and throws you into tolerance withdrawal where the drug no longer works for the condition it was originally prescribed. Dr’s will assume it’s your anxiety disorder or panic disorder coming back when in reality it’s the drug causing these symptoms. This leads to Dr’s prescribing higher doses of the drug only making the problem worse. By the time you realize it’s the drug causing all these issues you’re usually labeled an addict and taken off these drugs c/t. This is a huge mistake and can complicate things immensely causing immense suffering and a severe protracted withdrawal. This can easily be avoided with a slow taper. These drugs must be tapered slowly to allow the brain time to slowly heal. I’ve was prescribed benzos 10 years ago and have been through hell coming off these drugs. I started my taper 2 years ago. I was on 30mg of Diazepam and am now down to 7.5mg and am in protracted withdrawal. I have to take low doses of lamictal and Gabapentin just to function. Please educate yourself on this. Labeling people as addicts who never abused these medications is wrong and hurtful. YuTuu écrit: It's Insulting when so many people who claim to wanna help use the word "addiction" Instead of physical dependency. I bet most people struggling had no clue withdrawls
were gonna happen… we know most Doctors STILL don't and they'll lie and deny If they do.Lennart Hagen écrit: I hate being addicted to diazpamJozeph Amir écrit: Is abuse detectedeable?Neil Trusso écrit: Great informative video. More please

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Using Valium to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Using Valium to stop drinking alcohol – in this video we talk about using Valium to help with the alcohol cravings. Subscribe ➜ I know it’s not always a good thing to start taking more drugs to help you get of Alcohol. But a lot of people turn to Valium to help stop drinking. it gets them through the day when detoxing from alcohol. \n\nWe talk about my experiences in taking Valium to help when detoxing from alcohol and other stimulants and mood stabilizers. We don’t really talk to much on this channel about drugs. Whether there controlled or not . We are not doctors and also we have no medical training. We are simply people who have helped people in the past with there alcoholism.\n\nThe way we teach and try to get through to our viewers is brutal honesty. We do not sugar coat things when it comes to alcoholism. If you are looking for someone like this then you are in the right place. We will always give you our honest opinions and well never mess around as lifer is to short. \n\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\n\nValium is good for some people when they are quitting drinking as it helps people with there stomach cramps and aids in calming the body down to prevent any unwanted Alcoholic seizures. Valium had been tried and tested over the years and has proven to help heroin addicts and alcoholics cope with the shakes etc. \n\nGenerally if you are going to detox from alcohol, go and see you doctor and explain everything that is going to happen. He can give you his trained opinion on this matter. He will tell you if you need to start taking Valium. By all means ask your doctors to prescribe you Valium for a couple of weeks.\n\nI know in the UK, if you do not have a really close relationship with your doctor there will be know way he will prescribe Valium. If it’s not in your history or medical background the chances are he wont give you it.\n\nYou can talk to your doctor about Valium and ask him for alternatives and see what he comes up with. \n\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\n\nReally we are not against using Valium to help stop drinking on this channel. It’s just we have seen first hand in some detox facility. People abusing Valium and they start to get addicted. Yes the are of the alcohol. But now they are addicted to Valium. \nSo if you think you can’t stop over night and you think you need Valium to calm your body down to overcome the stomach cramps ad side effects. Then please do so. Fill your boots. \n\nPeople have been alcoholics longer than Valium has been around. Before Valium was invented people had to come of alcohol and dry them self’s out. It’s a simple concept. If you think your body can’t take the pain etc. Then go and try Valium. \nReally watch yourself when taking any drug during your detox and sobriety. As these drugs can be the very ones that you will get addicted to next. \n\nThis is why we talk about on this channel . of getting yourself back to a level playing field. back to ground zero so you can start feeling you emotions again. You can’t start to feel life again when you full of pills thrills and belly shakes. Trust me once you stop taking the Valium, sleeping tablets and the alcohol. Only then will you start to feel great again. Then you can start to feel the benefits. Day by day by day.\n\nSo if you want to reduce your alcohol and then go on alcohol detox then, OK fine do this.\n\nIf you want to take Valium to help you with you withdrawals, then its fine. As long as you understand that you are an addict and you are more prone than anyone to get addicted to these tablets. And the main reason why your taking these tablets in the first place. \n\nTalking drugs to cure the effects of taking drugs\n———————————————————————————————–\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\n—————————————————————————-\nSo if you want to subscribe for more help for alcoholics at \nHelp with Alcohol addiction Subscribe ➜\nMake Community translation contributions for our videos ➜ \n—————————————————————————-\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\nWatch and Listen to more Videos ➜\n———————————————————–\nCheckout Playlists:- \nHelp for Alcoholics Q\u0026A ➜\nHow to Stop Drinking Alcohol ➜\nAlcoholism ➜\nAlcoholism is not a Disease ➜\nHelp for family and friends of an Alcoholic ➜\nAlcohol Detox Program ➜\nAlcohol Rehabilitation ➜

Ywar jan palod écrit: The GP put you on pregabalin which is much much worse than valium.S&m L&m écrit: Well I did 20 drinks a day. I took Valium, it took away my
Chest shakyness and stomach cramps.Mona Liza écrit: He Bought Valium Online form:
My Uncle drank every day for 3 years. Now he took valium from 15 days…..He is feeling better now and he is trying to leave this habit.0906blue écrit: My ex husband was addicted to cocaine and opiates, the doctor told us the only thing you can die withdrawing from is alcohol.Tiffany g écrit: Did your heart pound very hard and your body felt weak?Christopher Rowell écrit: Amy Winehouse died from a withdraw siezer apparently it's down to how much you drink I drink from a morning most of the time 4 on a morning and 4 on a night couldn't get any yesterday I couldn't sleep and was pacing the floor with major anxietyMatt Gard écrit: My uncle and dads friend both had seizures from drinkingPeter Scott écrit: if you go into a detox facility it is a 10 day,s there you are given chlordiazepoxide this is given to prevent siezures and also to treat the anxiety of alcohol withdrawl under supervision of trained professional doctors and nursesRetired écrit: I drank everyday for 5 years…when I went off. I took valium for 9 days… 1 and 2 it was 3 tabs 10 mg each 6 hours apart. Day 3 2 tabs 8 hours apart. day 4 1 tab in the morning. day 5 thru 9 it was 1 tab just 2mg and by day 10…nothing. that was 10 months ago and I am ok now…but I do get the cravings sometimes.

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Consuming Anxiety Medication & Alcohol Together Will Kill You

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Dr .David Samadi \u0026 Dr. Marc Siegel explain why overdosing on anxiety medication such as Valium \u0026 Xanax has quadrupled over the last two decades.\n\nThe rise is due to two main reasons; ease of access to medication \u0026 doctors not keeping a tab of what is being prescribed.\n\nIn New York State there’s a system in place to prevent medication abuse named I-STOP (\n\nMedication is prescribed for a variety of reasons such as insomnia, anxiety \u0026 seizures. However, it was found that medication it sometimes consumed by people other than the patient due to negligence. \n\n_________________________________________________________________\nDr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology \u0026 Robotics Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He’s also a Fox News Medical-A-Team Contributor \u0026 Professor of Urology at Hofstra Northshore LIJ School of Medicine. \n\nDr. David Samadi Prostate Cancer Center is situated at 485 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10022 | Phone: +1-212-365-5000 (\n\nConnect with Dr. David Samadi:\n\nWeb:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nLinkedIn:\nInstagram:\n\n#DrDavidSamadi @DrDavidSamadi\n_________________________________________________________________

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5 + 6 Val = better

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Haven’t slept for two days

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Lekovi za smirenje (BN Televizija 2019) HD

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