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How Modafinil Changed My Life | Modafinil Update

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I’ve been meaning to create this update video for almost 2 years, and after receiving a batch of new questions on Instagram I decided I should take the time to let you know how I’m getting on.\n\nWhen I uploaded my original Modafinil review, I was working a full-time 9-5 job as well as servicing a small number of freelance clients in the evenings with the intention of it helping to save money for a deposit on my first house. 6 months later I had bought a house, handed in my resignation and began running my own business full time!\n\nModafinil played a huge part in giving me the clarity and alertness required to service my own clients to a high standard during early mornings and late evenings, and also allowed me to remain focused where I would normally have lost concentration extremely easily. \n\nWhile I do not take modafinil as regularly now, I still use it as a tool on occasion to help during busy periods or when I need a burst of productivity and focus during my day-to-day tasks.

amandus152 écrit: Well done, all the best with your future and business 🙂Leonard Look écrit: I used to get them from UKmeds but they dont do them now…been looking desperately for themJohn Mackay écrit: Hiya there buddy I'm in the uk tryed buying modafinil from c chemist but didnt relise I had to gave a prescription is there a way round that thanks john

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Modafinil vs Adderall – Side Effects, Benefits, and Adderall Alternatives to Stay Safe

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READ MORE HERE:\n\nTwo Steps to Adderall Freedom\n\nThere are two main steps if you are seriously looking for Adderall alternatives. Adderall is a mixture of four amphetamine salts, which are powerful and modulate a brain chemical called dopamine in a potentially disruptive way.\n\nThe first step is to prevent a huge drop in your mood and happiness (i.e: withdrawal symptoms) and the second step is to find alternatives that can truly help.\n\nWithdrawal and Adderall Side Effects\n\nMany months ago we sent a feedback survey to thousands of readers asking about their biggest problems. One woman wrote back:\n\n“I’ve been taking Adderall since the 8th grade (now 30) \u0026 really struggle…”\n\nShe struggled to maintain a high standard of work and productivity without the drug now that she has become dependent. Millions of people face the difficult challenge of Adderall withdrawal symptoms and the side effects of long term usage.\n\nIf you are thinking about stopping (or you already have stopped), then one piece of knowledge is going to smooth the transition for you:\n\nAdderall creates a lot of dopamine (the happiness chemical) in the brain. Your brain stops receiving the dopamine because there is just too much. Your brain then undergoes a process called “down-regulation”. Here are some natural Adderall solutions for this problem:\n\nMucuna Pruriens – after dopamine “down-regulation” by your brain, providing more and more dopamine isn’t going to make the problems go away, but it can help. This natural source of L-DOPA (and thus dopamine) can help to ease your burden when transitioning.\n\nRhodiola Rosea – there is no way around it, but you are probably going to feel some level of stress after stopping Adderall usage. Rhodiola rosea is an “adaptogen”, which means it helps the body adapt to stress.\n\nBesides these two natural nootropic alternatives to Adderall, you can engage in two specific practices as well:\n\nSweating – whether you like to run, do martial arts, or play basketball, sweating of some sort is going to help you maintain a healthy brain. Because physical exercise releases endorphins and brain chemicals that are particularly helpful when dopamine is down-regulated in the brain.\n\nSocial Engagements – anecdotal evidence suggests that post-Adderall socializing and conversations can be highly stimulating and rewarding. The connection with other humans can create chemical changes in your brain so long as you feel 100% comfortable with the crowd you engage with. Otherwise it can be more of a burden / drain than support.\n\nIf your Adderall side effects are so bad that these suggestions do not help, consider seeing a doctor, but keep in mind that a doctor’s suggestions may have gotten you here in the first place.\n\nAdderall Alternatives That Work\n\nAssuming you have already taken care of your Adderall withdrawal symptoms, it is time to focus on getting your concentration, focus, and cognitive abilities to a similar place they once were. While the same philosophical questions apply to these drugs, these Adderall substitutes are mostly less destructive.

Free Classified écrit: Interested in buying a.d.d.e.r.a.l.l pills , visit WhatsApp +13185991361MR Sam écrit: Once a week once a moooooonth ☹️ I can’t ☹️Derrick Terry écrit: Government speed. Straight up. Definitely will be abused if you take everyday. Just stating facts. écrit: I need some advice for a college student; I have an exam period (seriously study + exams) for like 6-7 weeks every 5 months. When I such situation do you start taking modafinil (since this is the best of the two). I don’t know if it is healthy or bad for you if you take it 7 weeks every 6 months? Or maybe it is better to take it 1 once week during the semester? And you also can’t take modafinil every day, right? DAnthony Itotani écrit: The intro song for this video ruined every bit of credibility this guy might have.Britton Harper écrit: Austin TX!!!!!!!!Wojciech Brzychcyk écrit: Ritalin is not based on amphetamine. On the website you link you talking about Adderall but showing the map of Methylphenidate which is Ritalin and Concerta. Adderall is Amphetamine.Frank White écrit: Which one is better modafinil or Adderall?Discord Trihard écrit: doctors are retarded, self prescribe emI Am Not A Robot écrit: 6:15 the dude at the background after a shot of Aderallsteve steve écrit: why the hack you are jumping around?john sims écrit: Love your muscles. But there's always adrafinilportal ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ écrit: Intro song?Teddy F écrit: Stop acting like a doctor dude. Just give the informationMax4114 écrit: This is a good yoga videoCoockiShizzLe écrit: I got ADD and wanna try Modafinil, I don't want to use Aderral because it's amphetamine…
Everyone says that Modafinil is only supposed to be used like 1-3 times a week, so it seems it's not a solution either..Greg Khatchatrian écrit: Where can I buy modafinilLILITHS LAIR écrit: Modafinil is a joke !Arjun Chopra écrit: Very beautiful park. Where is it in usaISAIAH HALL écrit: Ritalin and concerta arent amphetamine based there phenidate basedMeny Speyer écrit: Your camera has a keen sense of humorRaja écrit: Hi dude, you should talk about meldoniumMiguel Garcia écrit: A non doctor
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WtfHussein Kassam écrit: I have adhd I took adderall, terrible terrible side effects couldn't take it. so know I'm looking for a med that helps with adhd non stimulatin so should I try modafinildiztiinct écrit: The side effects that come with lack of focus greatly outweigh the side effects of taking smart drugs.

Even if Id die from a heart attack few years in. If I can actually get out of my house and do stuff it'd be worth it.John Webster écrit: is it safe to mix 600mg Adrafinil with 120-150mg of caffeine?Action Mate écrit: 2:30 the guy behind lolAngel_Dust 2019 écrit: I was perscribed Modafinil 200mg for Narcolepsy and when I told her the side effects I was having she didn't listen and upped me once again to 400mg which made the side effects 10x more rough cauw she told me these side effects I was having wasn't related to the medication when in fact I was having side effects. I was having severe mood changes mainly angerI felt so nauseous on this medication it wasn't working. I felt suicidal on this medication. I tried to stop taking it and I went into a bad depression fairly fast the first week off of it causing my suicidal thoughts even higher. I finally told her after 4 months on this horrible medication I refuse to take it any longer. I was then switched to Adderall 10mg and I haven't had any side effects at all I feel like I have my life back again! I am always on the move now and feel soooo much better! Adderall is a Miracle drug for my narcolepsy.Michael Koripas écrit: modafinil destroys my creative ability. Cannot laterally think at all on itModest Stardust écrit: I'm seeing my psychiatrist soon, currently I'm on Strattera for my ADHD…I want to ask him to see if I can give Modafinil a shot. I've been hearing it works MORE effectively than Strattera.World travel écrit: You are no doctor and should not be talking about this.Vance Hall écrit: Is there any reputable Medical Journals backing Modafinil up? My Doctor will not prescribe this without some serious backup material.interestingvideos4me écrit: Modafinil has serious consequences for your KIDNEYS!!!!!! Please talk about thatחומס צ’יפס סלט écrit: Great videoBrett Williams écrit: Skip to 2 minsAniol Ruojes écrit: ResidentSleeperTodd Bedusek écrit: Can provgil help with dopamineWord Of Mouth écrit: Am I the only one here more interested in the guy behind him?Xtermin8r187 B écrit: So should I go with
Modfaninil? Or
Ritalin?D J écrit: Toooooo looonnnngAnthony Kadelliu écrit: Intro song?john sims écrit: You clearly don't have ADHD yourselfjohn sims écrit: It's messy and GROSSjohn sims écrit: Adderall is NOTHING LIKE Vyvansejohn sims écrit: Your muscles tell me you're not on Adderalljohn sims écrit: Adderall sucks!GHB écrit: I also live in Austin. Could you recommend me a doctor for modafinil? I'm looking for a new primary care.john selby écrit: OMG SHUT UP!!!LyesergicBrainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal écrit: I remember I took Adderall & played New Tetris on the Super Nintendo & I got 10,633 lines on a marathon game.  My highest score before that was like 2,600 lines lolvacationboyvideos écrit: Adderall made my heart beat to fast and I can't take caffine or modifinal because I have urianary issues. It was all given to me for depression and to help me want to be interested In life ( in sleep a lot) most antidepressants don't help me! Is there anything u recommend?Chillingworth écrit: Amphetamine also improves working memory, even in the general population. Read the Wikipedia page.ankit biswal écrit: Its was definitely a green screen editNano Sanchez Lopez écrit: 6:48 Modafinil is not a stimulant. It’s not.Lost Wanderer écrit: Would you recommend using modafinil whilst driving heavy vehiclesColtycoo écrit: What supplements would you suggest someone with add take? I can't even read a page of a book without getting distracted.jackson richardson écrit: Was this filmed on a potato?Krazium écrit: So is Modafinil has almost the same effects as adderall?Dave écrit: This video makes me want to press your face to focusToasty Bass écrit: Crack cocaine provides extreme concentration for about 2-5 minutes if you use it once a week/month, – I wouldn't recommend it, though. I'm no Doctor.J M écrit: Ritalin is not an amphetamine based drugShy brains écrit: Greatvideo. Intro song was awful.Young Mike écrit: Fuck a prescriptionJames Hopwood écrit: Amphetamine is similar to "Vynase, Adderall, Ritalin"… 'Ritalin' noJack.K écrit: came here in search for some boost drug for speed & concentration for a long tough exam. Like SAT which demands answering about 20 questions in 20 minutes x 8 episodes..
I heard that Speed might help. Never tried it before so thinking of consulting doc. and make a try-out once before the exam to make sure I react well.A batida perfeita écrit: out of focus give your camera some modafinilLesley H écrit: Thank you thank you for this reviewvfddcv écrit: So long term modafinil is healthier choice? Can I combine with aniracetam?Rusted Stringz écrit: 1st day i took 100mg modalert it work good but Next day i took 200 mg after that it increases my heartrate and short my breath !! Modafinil can harm my heart ,liver or kidney ??Mohammad Waheed écrit: Adderall doesnt even make you highBrucci Wayne Music écrit: GUCCI POLO MY SHIIIIIIIIIIIITZTZTZTZZZZZZZZZThe New Wizard of Oz écrit: Great video! I feel like you went easy on Adderall, in general, but I also believe that some great creative work has been produced by daily amphetamine users (Philip K Dick for example). I think it's been established that amphetamines are causing an adrenaline response, increasing oxygen flow to some systems by cutting oxygen flow to others. The ill effects, including brain damage, can be extrapolated from that understanding.

Just as the negative consequences of long term anti-depressant use are hard to pin down (something to do with fulfillment?), I am concerned the negative consequences of Modafinil are just as real but as hard to pin down. Amphetamines precipitated the holocaust in Nazi Germany. What is the worst chain of actual events ever associated with Modafinil?jetski Dex écrit: Love this!!! Subbed!!!!Eric Koontz écrit: Youtube's most handsome man is back with another great video! Thanks, Mansal.Luke T écrit: Is it weird that Modafinil didnt really work for me? I have anxiety so stimulants dont really work too well for meBrian Hidalgo écrit: Hey Mansal, awesome video comparing the two and I would also agree to avoid both if possible due to side affects and other safer nootropic alternatives that yield similar results. I've noticed you're wearing the Oura ring. I have purchased one as well and as enjoying the data I receive from it. May i suggest a product review video and what your thoughts are on it as well as how one would go about using the data to optimize their cognition, health, lifestyle, etc. Thankslemon nomel écrit: remember to drink lots and lots of water threw out the day when taking those drugs….if you don't you will start to feel like crap or grumpy and your face might get a patchy red look.

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Modafinil: What You Need To Know

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Modafinil is a stimulant which is often referred to as a \ »wakefulness-promoting drug\ » or \ »eugeroic\ » because its stimulant activity is relatively subtle. It’s used for conditions characterized by excessive sleepiness and fatigue.\n\nThe drug is also taken for cognitive enhancing purposes and to help people remain alert for longer periods. Modafinil is particularly effective at supporting cognitive performance in sleep deprivation.\n\nOverview Page (Including References):\n\nReddit discussion:\n\nModafinil: Provigil; Modavigil; Alertec; Modalert; Modvigil; Modatec; Modiodal\n————\n\nPsychonautWiki Page:\n\n————\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Harald Selliseth, and David Kernell.\n\n————\n\nFacebook –\nTwitter –\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

Mercyful Fate écrit: I can take modafinil and still want to sleepAlex V écrit: I rather train my brain to focus, meditating! Big pharma thanks all of you that need external inputs in order to become on to it!!! And, to have a bit of fun, cocaine is a much better high!!!Eric ! écrit: I would definitky add that when bought online illegaly or without a prescription, nasty other drugs are added from times to timesblood soaked whiskers écrit: I need this shit….Sebalogía écrit: I took 200mg modafinil for around 2 weeks, it felt weird in some aspects: I felt physically like coming up in ecstasy but without the mental effects… So I felt stimulated but in a really rare way so I switched to 100mg pills and it felt so much naturally that you can easily go through the day very alert and awake and it doesn't feel pleasant which I think it's not addictive. Pretty good drug if you know how to use it.Samar’s Gadgets World écrit: Does it also increases focus?Zeig Dich écrit: DiahrreahfanilPaulius Tamulis écrit: Modafinil/armodafinil/fl-modafinil and all other possible analogs of the base structure got put in sched. 1 with a danger/abuse potential of heroin, meth, carfentanyl and others in Lithuania. Funny how they haven’t provided any scientific basis for this action, only that it’s highly addictive and deadly with no known medical use.Onfroi écrit: this used to be great until it started giving me anxiety :/Rabo Alvarez écrit: Do not worksDaniel Merrido écrit: Hi, i would like know. Have you personal experience in long period? I see all this product, its from India.
Here is someone with experience? Its better visit doctor for perciption or get order from internet?Daniel Merrido écrit: Hi, its safety for using?Wallie Hart écrit: Vanilla Ice Ice baby,,��GECKman88 écrit: I got vertigo from Modafinil, felt like I was on top of a tall ass tower all day at work and like I was falling but also not.Collin Robert écrit: Took 400mg, dont feel shit?Cato V écrit: I only get minimal dry mouth. If i only take 100mg i can even take a nap later on the day xdBunnyMcAwesome écrit: do it for the memeBunnyMcAwesome écrit: doing a videos about crackBunnyMcAwesome écrit: crackThe Bloody Talker écrit: So this is basically Mentats from fallout.kolows écrit: are you johnny candito?DisasterousComedy V1 écrit: Good channel good video will subscribeDiogo Martins écrit: Mix black coffee with xanax ( a lot of both and then tell me about it ) . Its the best speed ballSubendu Thanda écrit: Do modafinil effect sex drive?Bea L écrit: I could attest to having depressed mood as a withdrawal symptom.Rav écrit: Is there negative long lasting side affects? Or any at all?Mr. Kevka écrit: That tablet pic is from indiaSklawz écrit: I accidentally took 3 times the recommend starting dosage and I was hallucinating…Shubham Sharma écrit: I slept only 3 hrs and took modafinil its noon here in India I'm still feeling like I can do anythingJacin Gamarra écrit: Fuck drugs, just smoke methCapt. Freedom écrit: Made my BP go up, but it worked great and I felt great.Zim The Invader écrit: This or adderall for brain fogKaFFi3N écrit: I have sleep apnea took this dug and I definitely got a wow factor . Before I was extremely tired, concentration very low and was quite hard to focus on work without being distracted. First day I took it I was very motivated and didn't feel like a zombie, still feel tired but didn't feel as though I was going to fall asleep. Didn't have any side effects, just made sure to stay hydrated. This has definitely help me get through the days of work . Note it's not a fix but more of a temporary solution to the effects of sleep deprivation. If you are in a similar situation focus on getting more permanent solutions.HighCurrent11 écrit: My experience: CONS: Makes me ADDHD (trouble focusing); Makes me talk to myself a lot (crazy internal dialog); Occasional headache; I feel like I am having withdrawal issues, sadness, the day after.  
PROS: It will enable you to be aware even when sleep deprived, which is why is sought it out. Music sounds awesome! Driving skills are enhanced.Isaki Dube écrit: the rash can lead to SJS which is fatal in some cases and is very very nasty… just google it first before you're sorryGallium Games écrit: I’m stuck with adrafinil because it’s not scheduled, but this class of drugs sure can change a shitty day into a productive one.C. Michael écrit: Not for daily use. If you want the best results don't take it regularly183314842 écrit: I think it's interesting how some dopaminergic drugs like modafinil and bupropion can have profound effects on mood and pleasure, without having much abuse potential, while methylphenidate and amphetamine have a comparably higher abuse potential.Gallium Games écrit: With Modafinil being schedule IV in the US, does the unscheduled prodrug Adrafinil have the same benefits?Mari Christian écrit: 100-200 milligrams gives me the energy to do everyday tasks. I have an autoimmune disease which drains me of energy and I've found that I can feel almost normal on Modafinil. It also has the properties of an anti depressant which really does make me feel better. I take Mod about three times a week. When I really need to keep appointments or have especially strenuous cognitive tasks.Dan Boniface écrit: Modafinil completely changes my personality – in a good way as far as my career goes.  Typically I'm very shy and have a hard time with any type of disagreements with people and standing up for myself (not a good trait as I am a sales rep)  When taking Monafidil I can carry on a full negation with complete confidence, with a clear mind, and get my point across flawlessly – even with extremely difficult customers (I deal with New York City construction companies – they can be extremely verbally abusive)  Its really mind blowing stuffTouch Bionics écrit: It really varies with people
For me it has a good effect on my productivity but I don’t get much of cognitive boost. In fact it can give me trouble of concentrating on task. Like I can get stuck on doing an assignment but have trouble on focusing my thoughts and make sense of what I’m doing. At the end I find myself been sitting working on the same task with zero results.
Like been doing task while kinda disoriented.
I find Phenylpiracetam is a better supplement for studies and completing assignmentsJim Cowley écrit: Any drug that gives you good effects will make you pay with bad effects.Doug Cox écrit: Comment section = People on ModafinilLuke Johnson écrit: Imagine if the trillions made from drugs were invested in prevention….
Oh wait, that would mean they know the cause….
But if they know the cause, and propagate it… 'earning' themselves trillions every year.nonuseraware écrit: I've been taking 50mg of Adderall for over 10 years. Would this drug be a safer alternative?vetofthenet écrit: I micro dose this, around 50mg or less daily. It's my nzt.Jose IV Martinez écrit: Is it true that 200 mg needs to be divided into two hours, so your stomach will have a maximum absorption of the drug?NocterOul écrit: Very informative video, bump.Wolfman7870 écrit: So anyone know where one could get Modafinil?First Last écrit: I really hope I actually get the pills. ADHD has crippled my life for the longest, my parents didn’t want me on pills as a child so I was never medicated.Robert Barrett écrit: I dont feel much energy when on it 200mg I feel hazy and in about 4 hours after i feel like crashing.SanDiegoJoey écrit: It has been all positives for me, in fact it is so good I’m afraid to take it daily.

However, I do have trouble staying hydrated, my body simply won’t retain water and especially my skin. If I take 200mg three days in a row I’ll look ten years older by the 3rd day and be a few pounds lighter due to hydration issues.Dr. Debjit Das écrit: Comparison of Modafinil vs metals écrit: 200mg is too much for most people. 100mg is plentyMatthew721 79 écrit: Madanifal to madanfidel to mandanfandanfidle, fuck science, spinning my headJack Dolah écrit: Essentially it's cocaine PG-ratedKrill156 écrit: Been taking this once a week for 2 weeks now. It has severely helped with my Chronic Depression/ADHD/ASPD. I seem to have some kind of effect were i feel Euphoric/High on a near 24/7 basis all week long, hence me only needing to take it once. Not sure if that's a reaction to previous psychedelic usage (LSD 6 months ago, Cannabis 1 month ago). It certainly helps with preventing future drug abuse though.

I Had the opportunity to chow down on some Shrooms with a friend (With benefits), in which i agreed. I however suddenly lost complete interest in following through shortly have taking Modafinil. I've also had urges to block and remove said friend because i feel like i'm going to go insane just being around her. Constantly talks about how she doesn't give a shit about anything and just wants to get high. So much so as to move out of her $150 a MONTH group home because they drug test and she wants to do drugs.Night Bot écrit: No fair ��rebecca polos écrit: How can u get it?Shroommane Theshaman écrit: Pls do bupropionMd.Ahashan Ullah écrit: What is the difference between modafinil and armodafinil? Is Armodafinil can same Working like as modafinil?MVMT écrit: Could somebody drop some links of the sudies that show its cognitive enhancement capacity?mohan krishna rao écrit: I am on modafinil now but it's dizzy and sleepy it's 100mg and it is my first timeLochtaupo écrit: The first time I took this, within 40-mins it was like all the lights turned on, like electricity was fully restored to my mind. It’s not a high feeling, it was essentially a familiar feeling, familiar in that this was how I used to feel many years ago before all the major sleep issues I developed. I have found it to be a real game changer, it allows me to do a job that is extremely cognitively demanding.Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Can you do a video on Parnate (Tranylcypromine)???? 🙂Jyotiraditya Deka écrit: I have taken 2000mg… the span of 3 days… I going to die?Zen Lerit écrit: Is it safe to take it during the exam?Thaspacegoat Æ écrit: Shit got me through 12th grade.Hussein Kassam écrit: Would it work for adhdMark écrit: What happens un combination with other drugs? For example LSD or marihuanaflexuntun green écrit: So it's basically speed.Himani Kherde écrit: What dose should be taken for healthy people ? How many times a week?jhmm gf écrit: Do you build tolerance to the drug?Kurt Yazici écrit: Thanks for putting this together!Daniel écrit: I took 400mg and holy shit, it felt like i was on a Rollercoaster for 5 hours. Almost had a panic attack, it worked really well.Valuetainer écrit: Dosage for sleep apnea?Vijay Kumar Talluri écrit: Feeling lightheaded with use of thisVijay Kumar Talluri écrit: Does it cause dizinessNimmy G écrit: limitlessAsan Masraf écrit: There is any effect or side effects for peoples who are having epilepsy?Joe Smith écrit: He says it's a scheduled class 4 in US ,(where I live) but in other countries it's just a doctor script away (kinda blase [can't get the French tone in text]). In America class 4 IS where it goes from OTC to 'script only', so I don't get that sentence. Please elaborate?Max écrit: So, adderal?Alan __ écrit: Moda is the shitCode _V_83 écrit: the people who took 1600 and 5000 mgs were clearly Morons…Bbbb Gggg écrit: Lmao so basically a variation of caffeine.

Like honestly the effects dont seem really dramatic in comparison to caffeine (like Adderall or Cocaine), and the overdose symptoms are almost identical as well.TT Kk écrit: 100mg of modafinil twice. Once on Tuesday, once Friday caused a reaction on my skin. Itchy hives on my stomach, thighs. It’s now Wednesday and I suffered itchy hives so far 5 fucking days. My skin did not blister or break but it’s just as itchy as poison ivy and I catch myself scratching and forcing myself to not scratch. I’m going completely nuts from itchy hives. Benadryl and allergy medicine did not seem to help at all. What the fuckGreen Apple Inc écrit: is modafinil narcotics or notLyle écrit: You are the best explainer on youtube!nonuseraware écrit: I have tachycardia or rather a very high heart rate yet I still take a high dose of Adderall 50mg and I'm looking for an alternative. Would modafinil be safer by comparison to Adderall? With my high heart rate would modafinil be safe at a low dosage possibly 50 mg? I have developed a high tolerance to Adderall and it no longer affects me except for helping with fatigue outside of that I do not experience any significant increase in focus or attention span anymore after 13 years of use. I had to quit my engineering work because of this. It's believed I'm currently suffering from adrenal fatigue. I plan to ask my doctor about it in a couple of weeks.fortnite4201 x écrit: Attempting suicide with modafinil what an idiotEndtyme écrit: This shit it´s almost the same as Cocaine i tried it and there´s no difference to me and both are EXTREMELY addictive. Do Yoga, do at least ONE thing you love, sleep for 8 hours, healthy food and LOTS of water and avoid drugs. ALL it´s in our heads 😉1TheWhiteKnight1 écrit: This stuff has saved my life. I take 100mg along with a little CBD oil and some Vit D, Omega3 and a Probiotic. The transformation has been quite incredible.ReDa VallE écrit: Modafinil the ice Pissidon candyCody Lindsey écrit: Does anyone know what this shits made of? For some reason there’s no information on active ingredients and that’s kind of scaryKo44cHPM écrit: I use this for CFS and I really love it. Highly doubt anybody with it is seeing this but it really helped me. It just feels like really good energy to me. Not all weird and unnatural feeling like ritalin and amphetamine were. I don't see why you'd use it for recreational purposes. Feels about as "recreational" as caffeine to me but I guess we're all different, and maybe yall are taking way more than me. I'm gonna go off of it eventually (reducing down to 0 as I get healthier) but I needed it to help me be able to start working and everything so for anyone with CFS it might be worthwhile to ask your doctor about it.MircoDHD écrit: You have very good presentations. A+.Happy Pliskins écrit: Has the drug tested to have a positive or negative effect in creative thinking?ko52 ‘ écrit: Crank like effects without the scratching, crash, major mood swings, no urges to steal or visit pawn shops frequently, no destroying of family, one major plus is that you get to keep your teeth��, yes all of them.Mark Bouncer écrit: fuck oxycontin. This is my drug of choice ��

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Le Modafinil : danger ou pas ?

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ABONNEZ-VOUS pour plus de vidéos :\nLe docteur Gérald Kierzek nous explique ce qu’est le Modafinil et s’il est dangereux pour notre santé.\nLE DIRECT :\n\n Nos nouveautés :\n\n Retrouvez-nous sur :\n | Notre site :\n | Facebook :\n | Twitter :\n | Google + :\n | Pinterest :\n\n► Retrouvez le meilleur d’Europe 1 chaque jour en vidéo avec des extraits de toutes nos émissions :\n| Cyril Hanouna dans Les Pieds dans le Plat : \n| Nicolas Canteloup dans La Revue de Presque :\n| Les Chroniques humour de Jérôme Commandeur :\n| L’actu du jour en 30 secondes : \n| Les portraits de Matthieu Noël :\n| L’interview de Jean-Pierre Elkabbach : \n| La Revue de presse de Natacha Polony :

Taieb Samuel écrit: Je trouve que ce soit un message publicitaire ( il n’y a qu’à écouter la conclusion).stephane Dolais Lefort écrit: Bande d'hypocritesMOTIVATION EXTREME écrit: Heuuuu,C'est ce que prennent les gars pour passer le concours d'entrée a Polytechnique. Tout ceux qui l'ont réussi quasiment ils étaient sous came (les même que l'e sport). Vous croyez que c'est les plus méritant qui entrent dans les grandes écoles? Déja c'est des fils de docteurs, Pharmaciens etc… mais en plus ils se came.Moha67100 Pédro écrit: Arrêter de dire n'importe quoi!.
Je suis narcoleptique et on m'a prescrit ce médicament (appelé aussi Modiodal).
Ce n'est pas un médicament anodin à prendre à la légère. Il faut passer par un spécialiste. Puis on doit faire un électrocardiogramme.
Je vous raconte pas les effets secondaires : maux de tête (pendant 3 semaines), sensation d'être un toxicomane, faiblesse etc…
J'ai arrêté au bout de 3 mois (lorsque j'ai faillie m'évanouir).
Pour moi le traitement n'a que très peut amélioré ma santé (plus d'effets secondaires que d'amélioration).Aawk Waard écrit: Au final il n'a cité aucun effet secondaire hormis l'addiction …PIXO RAPIDO Event écrit: start drug ? modafinil ? harvard et Oxford ?ps4 DEGLINGO_KILLER écrit: Les soldats en prenaient en irak guerre du golfVineleak écrit: En gros c'est une pub caché….Achraf38600 Achraf38 écrit: en gros en dort jamais jamais jamais


MODAFINIL – Smartdrug ? Tout savoir

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Dans cette vidéo, je vous explique : \n – Les différentes Utilisations du Modafinil : 0:16 \n – Son Histoire : 1:24 \n – Classification : 2:04\n – Ritaline : 4:08\n – Piracetam : 5:10\n – Dopage : 5:45\n – Mécanisme d’action : 6:49\n – Effets indésirables : 7:53\n\nPartagez !\nN’hésitez pas à aimer la vidéo et vous abonner !!\n\nAbonnez-vous : \nFacebook :\nInstagram :\nTwitter :

l l écrit: très instructif….tout mon respect��rick chambler écrit: Quelle vidéos..merci énormément tu est la meilleureHanane Meriem écrit: Pour methylphenidate Avez vous des informations par rapport son efficacité thérapeutique pour enfant plus q 6 ans autiste hyperactif .si c le cas je vous serai reconnaissante d m expliquer davantage en m envoyant un ficher ou l cours en pdf bonne continuationYas écrit: bravo, je connaissais le sujet depuis 3 ans, enfin une explication en fr, bien detaillés !Christian Baronet écrit: Je conseille à personne de prendre du Ritalin. Je suis une personne heureuse et après l'effet du Ritalin j'ai une humeur dépressive. Je vous conseille davantage de vos orienter vers un médicament comme le vyvanse ou déxédrine!mohamed elhabib écrit: merci beaucoup pour cette explication
j'ai le maladie de narcolepsie et les docteur me prescris cette medicament '' modafinil" et le probleme que je n'ai pas trouvé cette mdct en algerieTomnts écrit: Je crois avoir trouvé la chaîne parfaite en tant qu’autodidacteKhadim Kane écrit: Merci beaucoup c est tres intéressantomar chighoub écrit: merci beaucoupSaid Ahmed écrit: ����Khadidja Tb écrit: Merci bcp … bonne continuation


Modafinil benefits for depression | Dr Muzaffer Kaser

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Dr Kaser presents his research into using the drug modafinil to help improve decision-making in patients with depression.\n\nDepression is typically associated with issues such as low mood, sleep disturbances and appetite problems. But some of the most persistent and long-lasting issues facing patients with depression are cognitive problems involving concentration, memory and decision-making. These cognitive problems do not respond to traditional anti-depressant treatment, leaving patients with a clear unmet need.\n\nOriginally licensed for use in narcolepsy, the drug modafinil modulates dopamine and norepinephrine levels areas of the brain involved in learning and decision making. In this study, Dr Kaser used a reinforcement learning task to show that modafinil improved patients’ ability to explore options when making a decision – and so leads to improved decision-making outcomes. This suggests that modafinil could be a valuable tool for improving cognition in patients with depression.\n\nDr Muzaffer Kaser is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge.\n\nOur Clinical Academics in Training Annual Conference, or CATAC, offers early career researchers the chance to present work and receive feedback from senior panelists in a truly interdisciplinary setting. The conference gives clinical academics the chance to meet people from all areas of biomedical science, and share ideas from many different perspectives.\n\nThis presentation, ‘Computational approach to reinforcement learning in patients with remitted depression: results from a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study’ was runner-up in the Post-Doctoral Plenary Competition at CATAC 2018. \n\nRead more about the 2018 meeting\n\n\nRead more about past Spring Meetings\n\n\nWe are the independent body in the UK representing the diversity of medical science. Our mission is to advance biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society. CATAC 2018 was held in the Academy of Medical Sciences 20th year. Read about the Academy’s achievements in its first 20 years at\n\nFollow the Academy of Medical Sciences’ Careers Team on Twitter:\n\n\nFind the Academy of Medical Sciences online:\nWebsite:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:

11 12 écrit: well you may have to supply the modafinil usage with alpha-gpc and some cetam like piracetam and voila, the gaba is inhibited and the size of limbic area is not decreasing any more. But long term usage may develop addiction. This drug is a kind of biohacking or you can call it electroshocking the brain.Rahul Keshri écrit: Who came here after rhea's interviewJessica écrit: I wonder why the placebo responses are commonly so high in people with depression….? Any ideas?TheRach écrit: I use the following regimen:
1. 3 g of Kratom twice daily,
2. 100 mg of modafinil twice daily
3. 50 mg of ground and dried psilocybin mushrooms once every other day.

I've been doing this for about 4 years with nearly complete resolution of depression which I had for about 15 years prior. To be accurate, my depression was most severe in my late teens and early 20's and I was even suicidal at many points. The largest relief I got was from forcing myself to be social which alleviated my social anxiety (my main depressive trigger). I still had a great deal of depression though which would affect my work and relationships. The SSRIs, SNRIs, and DNRIs worked a bit but not for long. I'm a pretty experienced and safe psychonaut so I did my own research and set upon finding a regimen. This one has worked for me for a long time and I have no intention of changing it anytime soon.Beau True écrit: I use a more powerful version of modafinil called flumodafinil. Way better, way more potent thus one needs less of the medication to achieve therapeutic a écrit: Modafinil 200mg along with prozac cure ADD, depression and anxiety… cut off caffeine completely otherwise you will feel alot anxious… just stop modafinil for a month in an year just to stop it from taking continuously… at that time take caffeine+L theanine stackJoey Starr écrit: Been on Modafinil for 8 WEEKS. Half a pill every day except on weekends. Until now, I always felt super Awake and full of energy, focused and an overincreased memory, even though it made me unable to sleep more than 2h30 on average per night . But since week 8 the honeymoon is over, and I feel very far from OK. I feel pain in every organ and bone, my vision is blurred, anxiety and aggressiveness through the roof, and daytime BLACKOUTS. Plus the hardcore addiction, not only to modafinil, but also Phenibut, benzodiazepines and opioid that I need LD50 dosages just to "relax" one hour or two when paranoïa hits to hard for my family to cope with.
PLEASE BEWARE Of SOME OF THE HARD & EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE DRUGS FALSELY LABELLED AS "SMART". It is exactly what is says on the tip, except for the "Smart" part.Nopal Gamers écrit: Itu obat asli g sih ya guys?Abigail Gibson écrit: Where can I get it from? I'm in the UK, thanksBased & Redpilled Department écrit: Makes sense, lots of times depression had underlying things that make it worse, inability to focus and get things done is one of the main ones, the feeling that you're sleeping your life away makes you far more depressive i feel, and the downers that you're typically prescribed for depression do not address that issue in any way, they actually make it worse if anythingJohn You Cant See Na écrit: Could someone give me a UK Moda source ? For research purposes ofc!Pietja D écrit: Guy Is probably paeyd by big pharma. ��.But.. . I agree ��. Modafinil or even its stronger version ~ armodafinil is good.. Improve concentration, mood, focus alertness… As healthly indywidual I confirm it..Sometimes create state….Vibe of… Hmmm hard to describe it : something between small dose coke and small dose opiate~ sort of " meditative euphoria" ( one in its kind) When I was younger I did try many drugs experimentally ~ so I have comparasment . Side effects? ~ sometimes sleepnessnes, and stomach issuesEternal Novelty Learning Solutions écrit: The one potential bad side effect of modafinil is irritability.
But this is true for a lot of stimulants for a lot of people….
Taking low dosages and not every day can help with this.Zameer Pactyan écrit: I will burn a book inside the class room to get my self dropped from the University even if i see you giving a lecture in my dream!! the subject is good but this guy has remain silence or should practice public speaking 🙂Lidia Lidia écrit: I took medafinil (100mg) together with me medication ( amitriptilin 25mg) , and It did help significantly improving me day to day life, I’m just afraid to have to be dependent on yet another drug to make me function normally.Miguel Garcia écrit: I don't like this medicine at allEmma Leonardus écrit: All the symptoms you describe are because you took a very high dosage.

Brain is so sensitive. It reacts and tell you with headaches, diarrhea, nausea, pimples, fever, sleeping feelings, sweating or shaking if you're taking something in excessive dosages (or if you're in the lack of nutrients).

So try to start modafinil with 25mg – 50mg when you wake up. Not the crazy 200mg that everyone recommends! If you only find the 200mg pills, broke them in 4.

50mg will works like 2-3 hours only but in a more comfortable way. If you lose the rush you can try another 50mg knowing wit certain, how many hours will work on you.

That way, if you have to sleep at 11, or midnight to wake up fresh next morning, you will not want to have your 50mg dosage if the rush will avoid you to sleep.

Headaches and grumpy humor is because modafinil makes you pee a LOT! And also to have no hunger feelings.

So if you don't drink huge amounts of water and if you don't force yourself to eat in many moments per day, headaches will be the common body reaction of a dehydration and grumpiness the normal reaction of lack of nutrients.

If you can't eat at many moments because your work, then try basic supplements like B12, Complex B, vitamin D and zinc. You will lose a lot of Magnesium chloride too by peeing a lot. But don't mix Magnesium with the other supplements, take 500mg in the night every two days (thats the dose if you're an adult man).

Modafinil is about finding your sweet spot. The dose has to be customized. And not for long time. Just to return you a routine that makes you back in the game.

Have a nice day 🙂Lippy Lou écrit: Thank you for the post about buying Provigil from – I received the Indian modafinil brand. It was well priced and good service.Zayn Umar écrit: Just took 200mg tablet of "Signature Modvigil-200"Dihelson Mendonca écrit: I bet the same result can be achived with Ritalin ( methylphenidate ), if they would do the study.-Destroying You Verbally écrit: But is it really true does this medication modafinil- does it cause hair loss?? Does anybody notice this? If u take the med can u please let me know if u have notice hair lossBlack écrit: MODAFINIL 200 SPEED UP YOUR BRAIN GET ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! blackgold.ovhWellington écrit: That's video is so amazing.BioFercho García écrit: During university I had lots of trouble getting focused and motivated, the last year I needed to work while still studying so I started taking Modafinil for dealing with sleep deprivation syntoms; then I started to notice how my performance increased as I was capable of getting focused much more often and easily than before, even with sleep deprivation. Now I suspect I had some level of depression and modafinil aided me a lot.Viral Killer écrit: Modafinil is the best anti-depressant I ever took…wasnt even supposed to be one..Also gets rid of all anxiety…amazing stuffTom Lo écrit: A person taking modafinil will feel is not placeboo unless they give him some stimulant. I wonder how such studies look after the person becomes sleep deprived from the insomnia side effect
Modafinil restricts certain type of thinking ( creative).
There is now an antidepressant labeled for cognitive improvements : trintellix
I love modafinil but I’m yet to discover how to take daily in a successful way
I only feel it’s magic if I don’t take it for a few days I also recently noticed a higher dose does better for me
A low dose actually makes me more tired
With modafinil after not sleeping you feel Tired mentally but can’t sleeptrafficjon400 écrit: don't take it long it does not work. you made want more. pay more.Ajay Singh écrit: it also help for sexual activity, you can last longer as you wantGerry Davies écrit: I looked up Dr Kaser's paper – the dosage used was 200mg which seems very high to me. That's the prescribed dose for narcolepsy. Most people who use it for improved concentration/cognition etc. seem to use about half that dose.Scott Shepard écrit: I don’t have narcolepsy so I can’t get a prescription. I plea to my doctors about my lethargy and ADHD and it’s like they don’t care.Satoshi Nakamoto écrit: I've suffered from chronic depression for years. I started taking this drug to help me to study and get more work done, but shockingly I began to become happier. Granted I still have ups and downs but I second guess myself a lot less, and resolve conflict a lot faster. The major draw back is when it wears off. I don't exactly experience a crash, but I basically go back to normal and suddenly realize just how miserable I am, it's pretty horrible, it's like working at a mansion, and then having to go home to a card board boxValentina A écrit: I suffer from light depression and study law. I started using modafinil to study longer and more focused, but started to realize, how it helps my depression. I can enjoy day to day activities and the pressure in my mind slips away. It works 5-12 hours for me, but I feel kinda anxious and weird when it wores off.Chinamax Maxchina écrit: I was wondering if this also beneficial for migraine sufferer , or use for anticonvulsant medication?Ann Barclay écrit: anyone had any positive results for depressionDan smith écrit: Also be interesting to see the testosterone levels of the males in the group that responded to modafinil. Testosterone is known to interact with dopamine pathways. Its possible that male responders could be misdiagnosed with depression but instead be hypogonodal, especially if over 40. It should be a standard test for men over 40yo experiencing depression. It would be better to treat closer to the source then to treat symptoms when possible.Dan smith écrit: Although it wouldnt effect the immune dysfunction seen in cfsme, it could be a helpful drug for brain fog and cognitive issues they get. Although post exertional malaise could be an issue with these types of meds and maybe lower doses would be more effective. Many are also more sensitive to medications so a low dose woukd be a good starting point.باخبر نیوز BAKHABAR NEWS écrit: How can buy in pakistan?Jaff Fox écrit: It sounds like your case study focuses on people with long term clinical anhedonic depression. Its something I've suffered with for over five years. Unfortunately due to the fact this type of depression doesn't respond to ssri/snri's and people with it are a low suicide risk (there literally too depressed and unmotivated to kill themselves) the NHS has been completely useless and only made things worse. The cognitive degradation occurs over time probably due to unhelpful rumination and lack of motivation brought on by compromised reward pathways. Its refreshing to see psychiatric research investigating alternative theories for depression. For decades now the focus has been on serotonin partly because SSRI's aren't habit forming but patients usually have normal levels of this neurotransmitter so get absolutely no relief beyond placebo.

This case study only really demonstrates a dopaminergic drug can improve symptoms of clinical depression. This isn't exactly a groundbreaking discovery. Any drug that activates the reward pathways of the brain is going to temporally improve symptoms notably cognition, fatigue, motivation and mood. Most stimulants act as cognitive enhancers and traditional amphetamines work better than Modafinil as the dopaminergic actions of Modafinil are likely to be negligible similar to that of Wellbutrin. Irrespective of the drug used due to homeostasis this is only ever going to be a temporary fix and needs to be combined with therapy.

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Diazepam, Rivotril e bromazepam causam demência? Dr Cleber Santana

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Ficou com dúvidas? Veja o vídeo e deixe seu comentário \n\nSiga-me: \nInstagram@drclebersantana\\\nSite: \n\nDr Cleber Santana Membro Titular da Associação Brasileira de Psiquiatria\nCRM 17796 RQE 13736\n\nse inscreva no canal ▶️\n\ndeixa seu gostei �� \n\nnão clique aqui \n\n\n\nMeu aplicativo saúde na cabeça versão teste esta no link abaixo. \ncomo se trata de uma versão teste ele só será instalado na plataforma android.\nPeço a vocês que avaliem o aplicativo e mandem sugestões, comentários, o que você acredita que precisaria ser melhorado além do que já foi feito na plataforma. \npasso 1 click no link abaixo\npasso 2 habilite a instalação de fontes desconhecidas\npasso 3 espere baixar \npasso 4 abra o app e pronto \n\n\n\nvaleu e desejo saúde na cabeça\n#diazepamcausademencia #demencia

Sena Junior écrit: Eu tenho nervoso e meu coração fica acelerado no meio do nada meus batimentos vai para 125 eu já fiz exames para o coração e não deu nada o médico fala que eu tenho nervoso meu problema é mais cabeça do que coração eu tenho apneia do sono durante meu sono eu já fiz esse exame que dorme numa clínica e faz esse exame, será que eu posso tomar promazepam para me acalmar mais esse medicamneto ajuda acalmar aceleramento do coração no nervoso? As vezes vem aqueles peso no peito um nervoso no meio do nada e meu coração acelera o médico fala que isso é nervoso, a minha mãe toma promazepam ela se dar muito bem com esse medicamneto, será que eu posso tomar ? Pois eu estava lendo na bula desse remédio fala contra indicações quem tem apneia do sono não pode tomar ,porque ? Minha mãe sempre fala pra mim pra eu tomar promazepam que vai me acalmar desse nervoso e meu coração vai melhorar desse batimentos nervoso pois no meio do nada vem esses batimentos acelerados até quando eu acordo de manhã meu coração já fica acelerado são noites com insônia eu já tomei chá de cidreira camomila valeriana e até agora não resolveu meu problema eu tenho a uma alimentação saudável e nem tomo café e nem como comidas salgadas no tempero suave alho orégano azeite extra virgem cebola eu cortei muitas coisas pizzas e nem tomo refrigerantes e meu coração ainda acelera Eu tomando esse remédio bromazepam vai me ajudar acalmar mais meus batimentos cardíacos? Quantas miligramas de bromazepam eu tomo ? Eu queria começar com uma dosagem fraca para saber se vou me dar bem ou não com esse medicamento, qual a miligrama você me indica?Sergio Luiz écrit: Boa noite doutor, como posso passar por uma consulta com o senhor ?karina santos écrit: Olá Boa noite! Quanto tempo depois de parar com o clonazepam, ficarei 100% limpa da medicação? ObrigadaClovis Silva écrit: Whatsapp 48 9 9846-5117 comprei com esse vendedor e recomendo! Pronto original, entrega rápida e segura.Arthur Lima écrit: Estou fazendo o uso do Bromazepam a dois meses. Estou fazendo também o tratamento com antidepressivo. Espero que eu consiga fazer o desmame.Ed écrit: Sou ansioso e sofro de insônia, não sei o que seria de mim sem o rivotril.Angelica silva écrit: Obg gostei muitoAndreia Camargo écrit: Dr qual medicamento substitui o olcadilMarly Schwichtemberg écrit: Sério DrMarilia Soares Da Silva écrit: Sou a Marília Tenho 60 anos ja me assustaram tanta por causa deste remedio e eu so tomo a metande por medo de perde a memóriaFilipe Jamal écrit: Obrigado amigo meu ajudou muito eu tô com problemas para dormir me indicaram esse remédio bromazepam. Eu estava com.muito Medo de tomar. Mais agora já vou tomar tranquilo. …

Dias atrás estava usando Diazepam. Não me dei muito bem. .. mais obrigado.Marcia Pimenta écrit: Oie eu tomo dois remédio para ansiedade mais faço o uso de muitas bebidas alcoólicas posso tomar o bromasepam e o limbitrol no seguinteEverlandia Oliveira écrit: Tomo bromazepam há anos ….quando estou ansiosa e com o batimentos cardíacos acelerado é o único que me acalma. Preciso tomar para para o resto da vida.Lucia da Silva écrit: Vou tocar de médico poisLucia da Silva écrit: Obrigada Doutor,minha psiquiatra não quer me dar receita pois diz que causa demência,PKS GAMER écrit: Adorei, Deus o abençoe.Louvores e Adoração écrit: A falta de meu pai a morte de minha mãe e irmã me deixaram um vazio sem fim. Como não tomar Diezepan?Enilda Neto écrit: Adorei obrigadaanthony moura écrit: eu tomo diazepam 10mg, durmo por umas três horas e depois não durmo mais, to quase tomando dois por noite pra ver se funciona melhorGarota 25 écrit: Doutor faz vídeos sobre a batalha entre os Ansiolíticos , calmantes , clonazepam, diazepam , alprazolam, bromazepam , donaren…. tenho muitas dúvidas , faz esses vídeos por favorVeloso Ramos écrit: tomamjuntos hohipnol e diazepam faz malFran. mp écrit: Doutor eu estou tomando sertralina com Rivotril faz 10 dias e hoje não consegui dormi de manhã tomo 2 gotas de Rivotril e a noite 5 oq sera q ra acontecendo?luzia ferreira écrit: Amei o vídeo não vivo mais sem o meu alprazolam tenho lúpus sistêmico eritematoso e ele acabou com meu sono só durmo com o queridinho alprazolam rsrsrs obrigado Dr você tirou minhas dúvidasBbb Uuu écrit: Vc ê maravilhoso ja me escrevi ,fiquei muito feliz pela consideração de responder minha pergunta que fiz ontem.Pedro Luiz Filho écrit: Obrigado Dr! Seu vídeo me ajudou muito. Sou usuário do diazepan e estava muito preocupado sobre essa questão da demência. Boa sorte e muito sucesso com seu canal.Cicera Santos écrit: Obrigado por ser tão esclarecedorMaria Socorro écrit: Doutor tomo pregabalina a 2 anos mas sinto muita tontura será que e por conta do pregabalina?marcos pereira écrit: Essa medicação me dá amnésia ainda vou me livrar dessa drogaClaudenice Rosseti écrit: Crise de pânico,só Rivotril resolvegeovane fazendeiro écrit: Doutor mim a preciso do medicamento pois pedi meus do aumentos e N estol conseguindo compra sem receitaMae. Neide Neide écrit: DEUS é maior que tudo ninguém COMO DEUSSuely Silva écrit: Diazepam pra mim não funciona só o alplazola .Marckson Luis Penedo écrit: Bom dia, doutor.
Para quem já criou resistência ao Rivotril e o Alprazolam, vale a pena tentar usar o Diazepam?Viviane Schettini écrit: No momento preciso tomar, gostaria de saber qual a melhor opção para quem não consegue dormir direito. Bromazepam ou Clonazepam. Preciso descansar pois estudo e preciso estar bem no outro dia.Sandra Lima écrit: Muito bom. Gostei da explicação e concordo….pois tomo diazepam há uns 15 anos e meu raciocínio com 53 anos está normal. Resolvo problemas, trabalho, converso normalmente . Mas meu médico conseguiu me convencer a fazer o desmame e usar o Cloridrato de Sertralina. Obrigada Doutor Cleber Santana.Claudia Santos écrit: Nossa Dr como seria bom se o Senhor morasse aqui perto da minha cidade, eu ia ser sua paciente… Eu tomo bromazepam e sertralina já faz muitos anos e não consigo parar! Tentei várias vezes fazendo o desmame mais não tem jeito . Mais graças a Deus Dr mesmo fazendo o uso já a há muito tempo, eu não tenho problemas de memória, meu marido nunca tomou nada desses remédios e tem uma memória muito ruim , no café da manhã ele não lembra oq comeu na janta kkkk parece brincadeira mais estou falando sério… Pra mim o único ponto negativo é que eu engordei muito tomando esses remédios…. Faço exercícios físicos, prático corrida, não tomo refrigerante, bebidas alcoólicas raramente como doce e mesmo assim não emagreço �� relatei tudo isso pra médica com quem eu faço acopanhamento e ela me pediu um monte de exames inclusive de tireóide e tá tudo normal! Ela disse que não sabe oq me dizer ��kennedy danilo écrit: Boa noite Dr se a pessoa tomar 1 caixa de bramazepam causa a dependência ou só causa de a pessoa abusar tomar muitoElaine Linhares écrit: Eu amo o Dr Cleber������B4 CITY écrit: Tomo Rivotril 0,5 mg para insôniaEmilia Batista écrit: Eu perde minha mãe e meu marido mim largou eu comecei a usa o olcadil e não pode para mas usei 20anos faço o tratamento dos Desmame 1 ano agora vou para definitivamente falta só 4copromidos do lorazepam 25 mg mas vou continuar com o remédio Quetiapina com fé em Deus Estou conseguindo não foi nada fácil mas , não foi impossível porque tenho fé em Deus e na medicina os médicos são enviados por DEUS Dr Cleber Santana um grande e maravilhoso MédicoUlisses Ribeiro écrit: Muito obrigado Cleber, vc foi ótimo em sua explanação. Muitos profissionais defendem a tese de que o uso prolongado do rivotril provoca demência. Vc veio quebrar esse mito.Fernando J.S écrit: Gostei muito do vídeo!! Fui a um neurologista para ver o meu caso, foi diagnosticado com TAG Transtorno de ansiedade generalizado… ele me indicou o sertralina para tomar num período prévio de 2 meses e se eu tiver alguma crise mais forte de ansiedade indicou para eu tomar o Rivotril…. mas como tenho um medo danado ( taí porque o meu TAG..ehehe ) de tomar o rivotril, acabei chegando a esse vídeo e vc me tranquilizou bastante….. obrigado DR. Cleber!!Socorro Santana écrit: Já tomei eu fico esquecidaMoisés Felix écrit: Estou fazendo o desmame do Rivotril por recomendação médica, tomei por 17 anos. A abstinência tem causado tiques motores, no rosto e pescoço, mas aos poucos estou cada vez melhor, fazendo atividade física, natação, musculação, fazendo terapia etc.Lucia Helena écrit: Obrigada Dr eu tomo Rivotril não todos os dias sempre tive medo por falar que este medicamento tira a memória da genteIsrael Liberatø écrit: Dr hj fui no meu psiquiátrico ele disse q meu problema é meus pensamentos que sempre algo vai dá errado etc eu sofro muito de ansiedade antecipada e só me deu diazepam para tomar ele di que diazepam e tratar meus pensamentos isso melhora. Ele não né quis passar um antideprsssovo porque disse q não tenho depressão. Mais os antidepressivo não me ajudaria na ansiedade tbem ou só apenas tomando o diazepam iria me ajudar com a ansiedade?Sabrina Santos écrit: Dr ontem tomei diasepam pela primeira vez e me senti muito bem , gostaria de saber se o clonazepam tem o mesmo efeito ?Ana Santos écrit: Dr dia 13 a psiquiatra passou sertralina e clonazepam para mim. Disse que não causa dependência, é verdade? Passou para usar 2 mesesClarisse Gomes écrit: Gosto muito dos seus vidios ta esquecimentoLeco Silva écrit: Parabéns pelo profissionalismo e honestidade em falar sobre benzodiazepinicos.
Existe um lobby contra os benzos da parte da indústria farmacêutica e psiquiatras de caráter duvidoso q visam lucro acima de tudo inclusive da saúde dos pacientes.
Rivotril custa no máximo 20,00 enquanto um antidepressivo de última geração pode passar de 300,00. Fica fácil entender qual dos 2 e mais lucrativo não é mesmo. Mas é a saúde do paciente com uso desses antidepressivos cheios de efeitos colaterais perigosos? Falta humanidade e ética a muitos profissionais da área da saúde mental.
Parabéns pelo canal! Sucesso!Walysson Gutt écrit: Eu recomendo aos meus queridos pacientes o tetrahidrocanabinol. Medicamento maravilhoso: você dorme bem, tem efeito relaxante, você ri à toa, come como um tigre e ainda tem a ereção dos deuses. Saiam dos benzodiazepínicos! Experimentem o tetrahidrocanabinol. Outros "medicamentos" que receito: ashwagandha, mulungu ou erva de São João. Que a natureza vos liberte!Esther Venâncio écrit: Doutor minha filha tomou uma cartela de diazepam. Só sobrou um.O diazepam tava vencido. Levei ela na emergência, o médico fez a lavagem mas mesmo assim ela continua muito sonolenta e muito lenta. É normal?Isso aconteceu sexta feira 04 de Outubro.Carlos Eduardo écrit: Só consigo dirigir minha carreta rodotrem 9 eixo se usar alprazolam vou até a lua.ivone floreano écrit: Dr. O que é mais prejudicial, ficar sem dormir ou tomar remédio pra dormir?ivone floreano écrit: Ótimo médico. Poderia falar sobre antidepressivos que ajudam a dormir? Como A Trazodona?Emilia Batista écrit: Goste eu uso remédio tarja preta mas de 20anos Olcadil mas saio de linha estou usando lorazepam com quatiapina para DesmameMiralda Antunes écrit: Graças a Deus,estou para ficar louca porque parei com meu abençoado clonazepam,vou voltar a tomar,Obrigado doutorRivaldo Lopes écrit: Causa loucuras esses remédios que não são remédios e sim as farmácias e NB médicos ganhando dinheiro com isso.Leonardo écrit: Tenho 19 anos é bom eu tomar isso? (Um medico me receitou)Cleide Morais Dos Santos écrit: Obrigada doutor tirou uma enorme dúvida que eu tinha pois achava que estes medicamentos causavam lesões no cérebro agora coma sua brilhante explicação estou mais tranqüilaacorda Brasil assistam e de sua importância nanare écrit: Dr já tomo bromazepam a mais de 10 anos o que faço pra me liberar desses remédios…por favor me ajudeAldo Lisboa écrit: Misericórdia, acabei de ter uma crise de pânico, ela vem quando menos esperamos, graças a Deus por dar sabedoria aos homens que descobriram esses remédios, pois minhas crises de pânico são fortes, sinto um pouco de falta de ar, coração acelerado, pressão arterial sobe, e tremedeira nas mãos, mas aí tomo, clonazepan ou aprazolan é tiro e queda, também tomo atenolol para regular a pressão…há Quando estou com crise, uso o método de puxar o ar pelo nariz para os pulmões, seguro por alguns segundos e vou liberando pela boca normalmente…funciona é e muito eficaz…abraço a todos que passam por esse mal do século…não esqueçam de fazer um clamor antes e depois ao nosso Deus que nos proteja sempre dessa patologia horrível. Amém!Cicera Bezerra écrit: DR. Nao estou recebendo seus video ��Game Over Querida écrit: Mais demência causa na gente se não tomar nada, eu não tenho coragem de buscar ajuda, mas sofro constantemente, não consigo dormir, tenho um organismo extremamente agitado, nada faz efeito, tenho crises de ansiedade, toc, meu humor muda muito rápido e com uma frequência absurda, tenho pena da minha família. Vem pensamentos e uma vontade enorme de estrangular alguém, também às vezes vem vontade de me esfaquear, é uma raiva, misturada com ódio, agitação, e tudo isso da hora que eu acordo até a hora que vou dormir, todos os dias, por isso não tenho vivido mas sobrevivido, também tenho uma aversão enorme por pessoas, quando converso com alguém, tem vezes que falo exageradamente e muito rápido, as pessoas sempre acham estranho mas não posso fazer nada. Meus dias são de profunda tristeza e melancolia, essa bagunça na minha mente me faz perder o controle as vezes. Como sou extremamente anti-social não consigo sair de casa pra buscar ajuda, não consigo me aproximar das pessoas, tanto que estou com 23 anos na cara e nunca trabalhei e nem consigo, meu quarto e minha solidão é oque me dá mais paz, amo ficar absolutamente sozinha, mas isso não é possível.
Já tentei todos os remédios considerados naturais e até mesmo alguns pra ansiedade sem precisar de receita, mas todos eles fazem o efeito contrário e me dão uma ansiedade que me faz ficar sem ar. Tomava dramin que era o único que me ajudava um pouco a dormir, mas agora soube que pararam de fabricar, por isso estou me afundando no álcool pra me sentir um pouco melhor, pq odeio meu estado "normal"Hulkão Aventuras écrit: FLARAM PRA MIM.. QUE EU SE TOMAR,, DAQUI 10 ANOS NO VOU LEMBRAR DAS COISAS,,,,ME DERAM OUTRO MAIS SINMPRES E QUASE PERCO A RESPIRACAO,, AINDA BEN QUE TENHO PLANO MDE SAUDE E FUI CORRENDO NO HOSPITAL ATRAS DE UM ANTIALERGICO,,,Cristiana Alves écrit: Parabéns D.r , vídeo muito bem esclarecido, tomo o Rivotril porque tenho crises de ansiedade, infelizmente preciso usar, aos poucos estou tentando parar mas está difícil, pois fico muito ruim quando não tomo. Quanto a demência, tinha muitas dúvidas, mas agora estou aliviada com a sua resposta, claro que vai depender muito do meu esforço o desmame, mas uma coisa eu te digo…O Rivotril tem me ajudado muito. Obrigada pelo vídeo maravilhoso.Doctor P.S.I. écrit: Causam problemas de memória a curto e longo prazo.
Vejo pelos meus pacientes.
Existem estudos, sim.
É só limpa lar abençoado lar abençoado écrit: Doutor vai fazer 1 ano em julho que meu irmão tomava diazepam hoje o médico deu alta do medicamento mandou tomar uma banda de comprimido por 15 dias depois d 15 dias disse que parasse de tomar vamos na fé que tudo vai dar certo até ,por que ele nunca quiz tomar .MARIA ESTRELLA écrit: Gostei muito dos seus vídeos muito esclarecedor tem depressão síndrome do pânico ansiedade e uso remédios ja. Usei várias medicações. Hoje estou com 2 um de manhã outro a noite. Mas tem 3 meses tive uma recaída ta difícil lidar com essa situação as vezes da vontade desistir de tudoCristina Ramos écrit: Doutor agradeço ao senhor pelos dedicação dada ao seu público.
Tomo três desses medicamentos e mais outros tarja vermelha, porém minha dúvida é a respeito do eletroconvulsoterapia, após às sessões estou tendo grande perdas de minoria o que me deixa ainda mais triste.
Tento todos os dias vencer o desafio do suicídio.
Me responda por favor !!
Obrigada , Deus abençoe o senhor e sua profissão!Gildasio santos écrit: Parabéns doutor pelo vídeoAna paula Da silva porto écrit: Minha mãe toma diazepan carbamazepina , clonazepan,respiridona ,prometazina, essa quantidade de remédios podem prejudicar a memoria dela?…ela já teve 5 depressoes , e na última vez teve acompanhado de esquizofrenia. .me preocupo pq ela toma a 5 anos ..Maria Ceiça Chen Kun écrit: Doutor, me tire uma dúvida? O bromazepan causa aceleramento no coração? Tenho vários problemas, incluindo pânico, depressão, medo, etc… e o médico recomedou ele. Para o senhor ter uma ideia do tamanho do meu caso de síndrome de pânico que tenho medo até de tomar rendido! Pelo amor de DEUS me ajude!! �� todo remédio eu leio as bulas e já não tomo mais!acheiumnome écrit: Olá Dr! Sofro com TAG e tomo Rivotril,Escitalopran e Quetiapina! O escitalopran me causa um efeito colateral que me incomoda muito! Mas sei que ainda não posso parar o tratamento!DAVID GLEYSON écrit: Obrigado cara por falar sobre isso tomo Diazepam porque tenho problema de ansiedade depressão esse medicamento me ajuda bastante e obrigado por falar sobre eles assim já fico por dentro dos benefícios deles e precauções valeu ��reginaldospu écrit: Boa noite estou preocupado , a médica me passou Bromazepam de 6mg , risperidona 1ml , amitriptilina 4 de 25 mg e quetiapina 2 de 25 mg ! Estou até melhor momento mais ao mesmo tempo fico preocupado pois a médica me diz que o tratamento pode durar mais de 3 anos e isso pode me causar algum prejuízo na saúde !Zeze Alves écrit: Virei fã.
Dr. Vc realmente explica de uma forma tão simples e real que nenhum outro médico fala.
Uso o Rivotril e por incrível q pareça consigo trabalhar e fazer minhas atividades.

Obrigado.Gato Da anaveiga écrit: A eu uso i não figo sem sou muito depressiva domo também o Exodus alprazolam amytril clonazepam i não consigo figa sem quando do na crize esses remetios nen faz efeito voce acredita gostei muito de suas espriga¢aoBEATRIZ Santana écrit: Dr Cleber um dos melhores pisiquiatras que já conheci, atencioso e uma pessoa maravilhosa. Dr Cleber Deus abençoe cada vez mais o senhor abraçomaria Dorcelina Teixeira écrit: Eu tomo, graças a Deus que não tem perigo, quanto a minha memoria toda vida foi péssima, desde criança.angela maria Affonso écrit: ótimo explicação.Ada. écrit: Muito boa explicação.mOutro dia estive pesquisando sobre isso na internet e li sobre estudo exatamente como o Sr. disse, porém existem alguns médicos que fazem questão de associar benzodiazepinicos a demência…O CANAL MODERNO EM BREVE écrit: Eu sou sabedora do Rivotril além da dependência, perca de memória comecei com Rivotril,hoje escrezefemia nem efeito faz a medicação as carnes do corpo são dormente quem inventou esse rivotril Doutor foi pior Bandido do mundo só Deuselisangela kiffer écrit: Boa noite Doutor eu sofro de síndrome de bordeline e faço o uso de alprazolam 2 mg há 3 anos prescrita pelo pisciquiatra obrigada��Kaique Nero écrit: De. Kléber, meu filho tem problemas psiquiátricos ele toma tais medicamentos: clonazepan 2 mg, risperidona 2mg,carbamazepina de 200mg é o fernegan de25 mg,o médico tirou uma vez ele piorou de vezes sofremos muitoooo.
Faz 27 anos que ele toma essas medicações claro que o médicos as vezes muda pra outros remédios mas enfim pra quer serve mesmo esses citados acima?
Obg.Abraçosisaias pereira souza souza écrit: Boa noite Dr eu uso Rivotril já faz 6 anos

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O que é Lexotan? | Vida Mental

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***Para assistir palestras e aulas online acesse:\n\nNeste vídeo o Psiquiatra Dr. Hewdy Lobo fala sobre o medicamento Lexotan.\n\nDr. Hewdy Lobo Ribeiro – CRM 114681\nPsiquiatra Colaborador ProMulher – IPq – USP\nPsicogeriatra e Psiquiatra Forense pela ABP\nMédico Nutrólogo pela ABRAN\n\nEste vídeo apresenta conteúdo educativo e não substitui a consulta presencial com médicos.\n\nContato : (011) 4114-0019

Flávia Forgearini écrit: Ainda estou com 3 caixas novas lacradas que sobraram do meu tratamento. Vendo e despacho sem receita pelos correios com preço justo. Meu email —–> MEDPHARMAX@HOTMAIL.COMDanilo Marques écrit: Lexotan foi enviado pelos Deuses ,me fez melhor em tudo ❤❤❤������elena ramanov écrit: **Ainda estou com 3 caixas novas q sobraram do meu tto. Forneço e despacho sem receita pelo sedex. Contato ——–> ANONIMO_WS@HOTMAIL.COMLuis Guerreiro écrit: Vim pelo Rogério Skylab, mas já vi que a turma da ansiedade aqui é grande.
Melhoras pessoal.
Música "O corvo"TARIK AIM TEP écrit: Pode tomar Lexotan com diazepamEustaquio Orneles campos écrit: Eu tomei lexotam durante 10 anos ,graças a ele fui curado de síndrome do panicoZenaide Ferreira écrit: Obrigado pela explicação Deus AbençoeJIHD JOHN ATATURK écrit: TOMEI E NAO FAZ DORMIR
CADE A FORÇA?Juli Silva écrit: Usando por conta da ansiedade, orientação médica.Sueli sueli de souza écrit: Meu deus me ajudar eu tomo lexotam mais de 5anos.oque faço pra largar ele não esta mais fazendo efeito tomo 3 mg mais comprido pra dormir tenho que tomar um e meioLuizinho Porfirio écrit: Vim pela olivia palitoLuciana Souza écrit: O conteúdo do vídeo é interessante, mas a forma da leitura dá vontade de parar de ouvir.Bruno Suster écrit: Help eine mal dann fertig liver gibe anxieteRodrigo Correa écrit: to usando sem prescrição médica para tratar crise de abstinência causada pelo uso contínuo de maconhaCristina Marisol écrit: Queria dormir, mais nem com 6 não durmo, médico passourita leal écrit: estou diminuindo devagarcelso cunha écrit: Obrigado pela atençãomatilde amorim écrit: Eu tomo Lexotan ou bromazepam quando não tomo passo muito ruim sinto tontura estou muito viciada já tomo a quinze anos, não sei como deixar.nasheman faryad écrit: i want in jeddah if you have help mematilde amorim écrit: Já tomo Lexotan a mais de 15anos não consigo ficar sem ele quando tiro fico querendo desmaiar e com ânsia de vômito, só durmo se Tomar gostaria muito de deixar de tomar mais não consigoEdgar Rodrigues écrit: Eu tomei por 30 anos e estou tomando 1gm de rivotril ao dia mas estou com a cabeça vazia não estou gostando.. Mas tbm tenho me aborrecido muito!!!Spartano écrit: Vejo as pessoas fumar 100 cigarros de maconha, e continuar vivo! Agora, eu duvido alguém tomar 10 comprimidos de lexotan e não morrer. Também quero ver alguem tomar 5 litros de vodka e não se dar mal. Ainda não entendo porque uma planta que Deus criou, ser proibida para os homens? kkkkkkkkkkkk isso é muito engraçado!Marcos N. Zelinski écrit: Qual a diferença entre Lexotan e Rivotril?Rosani Ramos écrit: Adoro!Patricia Faria écrit: Sem ele eu não vivo maisgildomar franca écrit: desde o dia 03 de maio de 2016 estou livre de lexotan…Célia Regina écrit: Já viciei no bromazepam. Não fico semalma perdida écrit: excelente! Valleu Vida Mental ótima explicação.Science écrit: Eu gostaria de saber com vcs, eu fiquei nervoso um dia e procurei lexotan pra me acalmar e não achei, tava tão nervoso ae consegui aqui perto haldol decanoato pedi duas ampolas e injetei em mim, isso foi em janeiro no dia 07/01 e fui levado ao mais profundo dos abismos e até agora não consigo me recuperar da inquietação e coração acelerado sem motivo, será que fiz uma besteira muito grande?

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Benzodiazepine Dependence and Withdrawal – How To Avoid This

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Benzodiazepine or benzos for short, is the class of drug that works at the GABA receptors in your brain to produce a relaxing or sedative effect. We use benzodiazepines to treat short-term anxiety and sleep. Some doctors will use them as a muscle relaxer – Valium is pretty typical for this. They can also be used to stop a seizure. You may get valium or Ativan prior to a procedure like a colonoscopy.\n\nThe common benzodiazepines or benzos for short that we use for anxiety are Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax and Valium. \n\nBenzodiazepines are habit forming and it’s easy to become addicted to them. Here’s why. Benzos cause a tolerance effect. This means if you take them regularly like daily or several times a week, overtime the effect can wear off and you;ll need to take more to get the same effect. So now instead of a half pill or one pill working, you notice you need two pills. \n\nThis is a medication tolerance effect. It can happen to anyone and is not the same as addiction. If this happens to you, it doesn’t mean you’ve been misusing the medication or have an addition. Addiction involves developing a psychological dependence on it where you need to take it.\n\nDaily, long term use is associated with cognitive changes like not being as mentally sharp. It can create balance problems in some people where you just aren’t quite solid on your feet. This can be a big problem with elderly people by increasing their risk of falls.\n\nIn this video I discuss the details of what dependence looks like versus addiction. I also discuss how to avoid developing a dependence.\n\nWant to know more about mental health and self-improvement? On this channel I discuss topics such as bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), relationships and personal development/self-improvement. I upload weekly. If you don’t want to miss a video, click here to subscribe. \n\nDisclaimer: All of the information on this channel is for educational purposes and not intended to be specific/personal medical advice from me to you. Watching the videos or getting answers to comments/question, does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. If you have your own doctor, perhaps these videos can help prepare you for your discussion with your doctor.

hunkschannel écrit: Now I'm even more affraid of quitting ambien, klonopin, zoplicone and weed (that's what I take on a daily for basis for years) I'm doomedIronwood NF écrit: I been taking Xanax for years. I use it on the weekends to unwind instead of beer. My life is doin better than it ever has been. I also test and there is withdrawal but nothing compared to Klonopin. Just never daily because for me it wasn't a slippery slope but for some as all things are.Namjong digru écrit: So true.Denise LeBeau écrit: Three months……by that time your body is so physically dependent. Dr. you have never taken this poison and it should be banned for anyone to never START this Med. I have worked with a dr three times to come off of a benzo and ended up in hospital each time. I am 67 and was given this poison 11 years ago….needless to say, it has ruined my life. End of story.Duc Phan écrit: Please advise what to do, Dr. Tracey!Duc Phan écrit: I felt unsafe as my daughter took lorazepam 2.5mg every day for more than 2 years now. When I showed anxiety of addiction the treating doc said cut it 1/4 down, but when cut down she cud’nt sleep and have to go back to one whole pill. Now very worried but don’t know what to do.Kristine Willems écrit: You fix a problem by creating another one. In the mean time precious money, time and good health is being lost. My God, this is insanity to me. ��You_know_me écrit: Is there any real help for benzo withdrawal I sorry but I can't live the rest of my life like this.Norman Snowman écrit: I am glad glad that here in germany benzos are prescribed les often tan in the US. From what i know from my personal experience benzos are primarily prescribed in germany for suicidality and strong forms of agitation in major mental illnessesJohn C écrit: ATTN If you are going to talk about how bad your withdrawal was in this comment section you need to give your whole story, how long your were on them, how much were you on and do you drink alcohol which makes things worse. if you don't give all your information you ARE NOT HELPING ANYBODY but just confusing people Come on folks this is so basic!!Lisa R écrit: Excellent video! I was prescribed klonoplin due to severe anxiety. I was unable to go down the route of antidepressants because I have bipolar 1. My psychiatrist did not want to prescribe another antipsychotic medication used for anxiety because he felt it could make me more depressed and the lithium was helping with mania but I was still dealing with depression (nothing as severe as what it was before lithium). The psychiatrist thought that my extreme anxiety keeping me in depression. My doc was excellent in explaining the addictive nature of benzos and how he would help me wean off them in about 3-6 months. I have felt the urge to up my dose from .25 to .5 but because of being aware of how addictive it is I have resisted and intend come off it by the end of the year. It has worked wonders on my anxiety. I was so anxious I could not feel my body and within about three days I felt a calmness come over me and my extremities returned. The other thing my doc did was put in touch with a psychologist that I see each week so I can learn to manage anxiety better. The main side effect I have is just feeling off balance, walking into door jams more often etc. I also have more problem remembering words. This was an issue with lithium but has become more worse. I just rely on others to tell me what the word is – what’s that blue thing shaped like a rectangle – pencil case. Haha it’s not too bad and people are good about it.
These videos are excellent and very informative. Thank you for taking the time to produce them.Eric Kwapong écrit: Can you cover Mood Stabilizers? Especially the relation to mental sharpness.Kamber Baugh écrit: I have been on some sort of benzodiazepine for more that 10 years. When I became pregnant in 2018, I didn't even know I could get pregnant bc I had been trying for 13 years, anyways I had my doctor help me wean off the medication over a 3-4 month period and my OBGYN upped my folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects while coming off of the medication. I stopped my prozac immediately when i found I was pregnant, and was weaned off wellbutrin over a 2 month period bc when used a long side of benzos it can cause seizures if you quit either abruptly. I didn't take any anxiety medication again until my son was about 6 months old. I wasn't sleeping. I would go up to 96 hrs without sleep and it wasn't bc my son was a difficult baby, I just couldn't sleep or relax. I started blacking out and my doctor started me back on my medication and I am still on it today. It has improved my life significantly. It does not make me tired at all, it just relaxes my body. But I usually have a paradoxical reaction to medications. Xanax gives me energy but Vyvanse, for binge eating, makes me fall asleep within 1-2 hrs after taking. BTW prozac never helped with my anxiety it actually increased it.Lennart Hagen écrit: Its a living hell i have taken valium and Nitrazepam for 12"13 years, presribedLuke 078 écrit: Long story short: Phil is screwed.vanesa valdez écrit: Clonazepam caused me Dry eye :'(Veronica Lopez écrit: Doctor leaving clonazepam is it life threatening???Lindsay Marie écrit: Wish they would of told me this when they put me on it at 27!Luke Aladeen écrit: I am going through Xanax withdrawal, I went from 2mg to 0.5mg, I'm slowly trying to ween off it. I'm also talking Lexapro for depression and anxiety. Dr Marks, how long will this last? I feel so anxious at the moment.Gleisiel Araujo écrit: What seems to me is American doctors prescribe very high doses when they could start with small doses and see how the patient reacts. I've taken them on and off, sometimes for years and didn't really have a hard time coming out of them. The doses given to me were small and to be taken just once a day. People say benzos and antidepressants are poison. I totally disagree. They saved me from panic attacks in my teens and also made my life much easier when I had depression as a young adult. When I hear people say benzos kill, I think thats very, very exaggerated. That kind of medication, if taken correctly, saves lives and gives quality of life to people who need it.bruttosporcoecattivo écrit: I've been taking clonazepam, for chronic pelvic pain, for 2 weeks now. Started with 3 drops at night, now I'm at 9 drops (1 drop = 0.1 mg). I want to stop. Never liked the idea of taking drugs plus I dont like the feeling. Too sleepy and groggy the next day. Keep in mind, even 9 drops isn't a huge dose. Anyway, would It be dangerous if I give It up cold turkey, or should I tape it off gradually? Any advice would be grealty apreciated.Robert Smith écrit: I'm taking 2mg daily for 16 years and I can feel the long term effects. I want to stop taking them but I have panic disorders and it's terrifying to even bring up the conversation about stopping them. Rock and a hard place situation I noticed when I only take like 1mg I get like depersonalization disorder problems. I cry out for help but only on the inside because life without that pillow is horrific so I stay silent.Mega Hawk écrit: Benzos are poison not a medicine, 10 yrs of withdrawal agonyοὐτόπος écrit: of course is an addiction like any other, what sbout when morfine and heroin were legal and given by doctors? Was then not an adiction and now, that is not legal, it is an adiction? It is an addiction.Francois Beavertree écrit: tynicbleu écrit: alex mahone had Benzodiazepine withdrawal when he was in sonaJosie Sunshine écrit: I am trying to get off clonazepan for 1 year now, doesnt matter what I do … I always go back to it because the side effects is the worse thing I have ever experienced in my life.kfc santaclaus écrit: I took 20 at one time, blacked out and woke up in a chicken coupeRichmar Duran écrit: Hi doctor tracey i have medication ecitalopram (conjupram) anti depressant and xanor but i dont take them because im scared of the side effect the only problem that i have is overthinking and worrying things wich i know its non sense i can sleep properly and eat properly and also im not comfortable in front of other people like im shy to them what should i do ? I need to take the medication or not? All i want is to overcome it naturally thank you .Tim Peterson écrit: I have had experience with my loved one taking kolopin. It was terrible he is an addict and would take kolopin for a high. That caused him to be angry and became to be a monster. I was very scared during this time he was also taking diarrhea pills. Lucky he is in rehab right now and getting the help he needs.Mihai Samiș écrit: I am a 24 years old male and i had taken benzodiazepines daily for the last 3 – 4 years with periods with heavy abuse plus alcohol in the past 2 years. i am 2 months free now with no long lasting problems after the withdrawal. I do not experience any cognitive impairment ( or any that i can notice) but the studies of permanent brain damage create me lots of anxiety …. 🙁Knocknitshark écrit: i feel like phils doctor dident like like him very much so he gave him the worst possible treatment for anxiety, the benzo treatment, just to get rid of him hopefully for goodMiss Lady écrit: Dr. Mark's, do you have experience with benzo-induced akathisia? I think I have it. I've been on benzos for 12 years. I started 1 mg at night only. After the 8th year it stopped working, and my Dr immediately tried to taper me off. Almost 5 years later and I'm still going through hell. I'm still trying to taper, but it feels impossible. My problem isn't with anxiety, it's with the inner restlessness. I have no inner peace or rest. I can't settle down inside. My nerves inside feel like they are on overdrive. It's hard to sit still, hard to concentrate. I have to keep shifting my position, or when I'm sitting down I have do move my legs. It's utter torment.aStone Mirror écrit: Is it possible that I'm in withdraw from Valium after only taking them a few days a month…and it's been about one month since I had any.
And I feel depressed, anxious and my equilibrium is off.
Thank you for any information.Vasja Kej écrit: I am 27 year old female. I think I will die from withdrawl. I am off benzos for the first time in my life. I dont know how to live, my doctors dont know how to help me, I live in 3rd world society and look for help anywhere I can – so even online help is good. But seems like nothing works against this devil.Áron Ó Maoil Eoin écrit: Thank you for this videoKevin Burrell écrit: Been on klonopin for 13 years now and going through alot of hell. I'm going through alot of loneliness in my life and have Noone so I take it to help with that.. I try to explain to my doctor but she's not very supportive at all. she's not a good doctorKevin Burrell écrit: I hate XanaxPARVEEN KAJAL écrit: Thanks DoctorFritz Baden écrit: Tolerance and addiction go hand in hand. Yes, they aren't the same thing, but drugs that have high rates of tolerance generally cause addiction.Erika Torres écrit: Wait so is propranolol a benzoJp Jp écrit: Hi I only been taking Ativan for about 3 weeks why do I feel worst when I don’t take them doctors have denied me for refills now I’m trying to keep it together and trying to calm downshkunk1 écrit: I REFUSE to engage in daily use. I average 3 or 4 Klonopin a month. If I had to go to a convention or something I would probably take it daily for the duration, but quickly cut back (4 days max). The thought of addiction scares me. I will suffer what I can to avoid it.Jan Cox écrit: My mother who is 93 years old on .5 mg at night for 10 years. She is out can't get them refilled. What will happen to her.Naama Holmes écrit: Thank you for this video. I've been on it for 6 years (clonozepam) my Dr never told me about the dependency that comes with that because he was paid in cash and wanted me to keep coming back. Once I switched doctors, my new Dr after 3 months of being completely ok with it said that she was cutting me off. I completely panicked. I was on 2 mg a day. I called her back after realizing how sick I'm getting and she said ok.. I will wean you off with in a 4 month period. I know you are busy but please tell me what you think. IAM really nervous and no one seems to understand I had no idea what I was getting into when I was put on this medication. IAM scared.. I hope you read this and have some insight..Chris S écrit: The worse drug dealers have PhDscatherine kelly écrit: Leo Sternbach owns the intellectual property on the benzodiazepine molecule. Jew who addicted people since 1961! Kava and Passion Flower are gabanergic like bzs. Don't use bzd!catherine kelly écrit: the same dose can be used for seizure disorder; Epilepsy – without increaseSara C écrit: How do I get off Benzos when I have massive anxiety & panic attacks? I have had near death getting off them w Gabetine. Always go back. But I have no idea what to do for panic attacks. I don't like tolerance I have. Thank you so much.Wen Dee écrit: That broken glass scared the crap out of me, let me go take my benzo.sikj écrit: So is Propranolol safe to take daily long-term for anxiety?Carla Leone écrit: My brother ran out of clonazepam and felt tremendously bad (his doctor rescheduled and he didn't have any pills left). He went to the hospital three or four times to get a shot, and nobody would give him a prescription forcing him to come back the next day… all of this during a pandemic.deeDrama206 écrit: I was put on clonapin and it started to affect my liver really bad.Abe Kelly écrit: Benzos are POISON !!!!
Never ever never take this drug.
If your doctor tries to prescribe this for you… RUN.
That doctor is trying to kill you.
My son is 21 and benzos have destroyed him and everything and everyone around him. Wrecked cars, rehab, jail, doctors (who basically do nothing but suggest another pill), holes punched in walls, broken doors, broken hearts, broken dreams. His mother and sister have PTSD from his Xanax fits. His brother won't talk to him. I am heartbroken and financially strapped.
He is passed out on Xanax right now. When he becomes conscious we are in for at least two days of pure hell. He never remembers any of it. Benzos erase your brain. Once you get on the Benzo train… you can never get off.Cynthia Ennis écrit: Finally! Someone telling the truth about these drugs BEFORE one decides to take them! SUPER!Robert McCall écrit: Thanks! I'm currently tapering off with my psychiatrist. I was on 1 mg a day for 10 years and now I am down to .5 a day. The first cut was rough. Getting ready to cut 12% more next month and ride for a bit.fistwood écrit: Hi, my psychiatrist just prescribed me Ativan, for my insomnia, just 1 mg before bed, is it safe?Ryan B écrit: Just a question. I have had a really hard time this month from side effects of a drug called buspar and then trying zoloft. It’s been about 3 weeks but I am still not feeling amazing but have improved. I was suffering from massive panic attacks all day long almost everyday. I still feel all the discontinuation syndrome and take a small dose of a benzo at nighttime to cope and just ibuprofen during the day. I am considering giving up on antidepressants entirely but was curious about an antidepressant called remeron. I am afraid of long term benzo use as even klonopin does not work for me. My psychiatrist is hoping to get me to baseline and take me off my extended release xanax by then as my relief was just not enough and we felt my life was in danger. Should I be worried and concerned or give up on antidepressants entirely. I have tried 3 in the past with bad side effects but never this terrible. I am scared of never getting better. I also am scared of getting addicted to benzos although I do have an amazing psychiatrist now with 60 years worth of experience. I do not like being hyperactive either it’s uncomfortable and makes things worse hence buspar and zoloft really messed me up.Susannah Allen écrit: As bad as Benzos sound and the side affects I am surprised that when given the instruction of usage its too vague. Take it but only if you need to and I’d rather you not take it more than you want to. People don’t Understand the ramifications and detriment of this drug and they trust the doctor explicitly. They don’t do research and I don’t understand why doctors aren’t more strict and emphatic about what can happen if you don’t follow the instructions. I have researched the short term use as 2 to 4 weeks not three months. After hearing Jordan Peterson story about this drug it is scary as all get out and I would never touch it.wendy C écrit: not addicted but dependentCory Modzeleski écrit: There are alternatives for Benzos, I have been prescribed Vistaril and Tenex for my panic attacks. And I hear a lot of people have Gabbapentin.Disingenuous White-Boy écrit: the specialists never mention the debilitating inability to breathe; akin to COPD
xanax gives you brain damage that can take years to correct itself, and the psych meds they hand out like candy to mentally off people pushes them over the edge. its like they do this on purpose in the guise of helping people with the purpose of driving them to suicide, because of prescription kick backs. its all about their making money off of your pain. and they claim to be health professionals. go ahead, Dr. Marks, delete my comment of further truth that exposes your kind for loving money over life, at least other people's lifeMark Palavos Vrahotes écrit: If you are taking 40 mg benzo a day and not pass out. Ive been taking it for 6 years. Does that mean I am an addict.Autumn Petersen écrit: when that glass shattered I about jumped straight out of my chair! lolMichal Ďurana écrit: Hello. Are you czech please?Den Maskerade Daskaren écrit: Fuck benzos. It's a nightmare quitting, it took me about 6 months of horrible withdrawls before I could function.BGivka écrit: Thanks for this. Good information.acidbath32 écrit: To get off Benzos you need a several things, first of all you need to get yourself some phenibut especialy if you are on a high dose and you've been taking it for years. 2nd you need to get some CBD Isolate, Third you nee dto get some ginger. Mix then all toether and they will remove any problems you have from the acute withdrawal. for the rest of the swithdrawal you will have to exercise, smoke pot, distract your mind some other way. It is possible though and this has come frfom someone whos been through methadone, suboxone, benzos, etcDavid D écrit: You just freaked me the fuck out. Time for a 2 mg Klonopin.Killerkolt 88 écrit: Benzos should also be used for OPIOID WITHDRAWAL!! (As long as its just for 2 to 3 weeks MAX) They help SO muchAllan Byrne écrit: Why do doctors hand out these damn things when it makes things worse? Change your job mate and live your life. I have been on Lorazapam for the last year since a heart attack and stenting and have been trying so hard to wean myself off, to no avail.Ryan Conaway écrit: Benzos help. I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Plus numerous anxiety disorders. I've been on many medications. I take 3 2mg. Alprazolam tablets daily. Plus 2 2mg. Tablets of clonazepam. I also suffer from chronic insomnia. Sonata as needed. It really helps regardless of the controversy. The bipolar diagnosis I've questioned because since my late teens Over 6 Psychiatrists diagnosed me as type 1. I also take lithium. Works great minus the side effects. 1,350 mgs Daily. I do what I have to. Now come someday when it's time to discontinue the minor tranquilizers..I'll probably be in the hospital for over a month. Very controversial. Though when it comes down to it..if it works it works. Is this safe Doc? Its closely monitored as with the lithium. Lithium does wonders. Just not for Anxiety.John Titor écrit: What about etizolam?J. Michaels écrit: First time on Prozac 10mg and 1mg of Ativan 9days in I had a panic attack personally checked myself in the mental hospital the psychiatrist immediately raised my prozac to 20mg and gave me trazadone while I was still on Ativan, next day I told her the trazadone didnt work for sleep so she gives me seroquel and says if i want to leave i have to get off the Ativan she wasent asking me she was telling me and not in a nice way. First day took the seroquel it put me out 2nd day took it again it gave me every mental illness in the Dsm5 I couldnt control my lips I had jitters I couldnt see and I couldnt keep my balance so 3rd day I refuse to take seroquel and i stay up all night with seratonin syndrome and at this point i was going on 4days with no Ativan and the withdrawels hit hard. I did everything under my power to fake being normal signed myself out and I withdrew from it at home. My psychiatrist tried to kill me how the hell do you give a new patient a drug cocktail like that after raising there prozac and withdrawing from Ativan fucking Dr is nuts. I almost had a heart attack. I had to fake a blood pressure and temperature in order to leave I sucked on icecubes just to get my fever under 99.0 I left the hospital with irregular heartbeat fever over 100 thank God I have basic training in stabilizing vitals or id be dead. Pedialite saved my life. If your detoxing ny yourself pedialite will cut your withdrawels by a few days.Србомбоница écrit: In my opinion they are great drugs ,people just abuse them severely OR the doctors make them go cold turkey which is dangerous ,other than that ,they are awesome medsgrəy écrit: glad i've found this on time while im still on a 0.5 mg a day for xanax i have been taking them for less than 3 months if im not mistaken getting rid of that crap with advice from mi dr tomorrowDick Van Steijn écrit: Dr. Tracy if you take a benzo every day for three months you are severely addicted. After three weeks you,re in trouble having to taper very very slow. I take one tablet of 2mg diazepam per day for sleep and it helps me big time. Tapered from 20mg to 2 mg in one yearJames Watson écrit: Infusions of NAD beat my Benzo addiction. Check it out. I hope it helps you. Without NAD I would be dead. I was hopelessly "kindled". Search drug rehab testimonials for NAD and see for yourself. Benzos are the perfect class of drugs for big pharma's agenda. Sell drugs that have to be taken until they kill you. The Sackler family made their first fortune pushing Valium. Now they (Purdue Pharma) push synthetic opioids.Rose��Red écrit: Smoke some weed! !!!!!!!!Rose��Red écrit: Big pharma creates all of this to fill their pockets with money ! And the agencies Allow it!MsScruffy4 écrit: IN MY OPINION, THESE ARE POISON. SEE WORK OF DR. HEATHER ASHTON ON LINEJames Melven Basil écrit: Hi doc.please help me.ive been on benzo on 5 yearsLeo Darknig écrit: Tracey I had a question for you. Are Benzo Withdrawl Seizures Epileptic? or Non- Epileptic?Aaron Klein écrit: Hello Dr! I was prescribed lorazepam 3 time a day recently to use until my ssri kicked in . Problem is none of my ssri s have helped me yet. It's been about 3 weeks on lorazepam and my doc hasn't prescribed a new ssri yet. Is it ok to switch to klonopin or valium cause of longer half lifes? I don't like taking 3 lorazepam s a day cause they are short acting and don't seem to help as much. My doc wants me to wait till I see him again in two weeks… But I don't know what to do. The problem is also that the ssri I was taking was giving me more anxiety but seemed to help my depression… So now I'm stuck with being depressed , anxious, and a little confused! Any feedback would be awesome! ThanksAliceInPantera écrit: Thank you for this. Education and awareness is key with this trashHayley bourgault écrit: I've been on klonopin or 15 years 2 mg of the but a lot of times I only took 1 mg.I've been trying to get off them with a doctor. He told me after 2 weeks I was done, as you can imagine it didn't work. Do you have any advice on how I can possibly get off these. I'm 66 years old!!! Need help in R.I.Sid Organised Chaos écrit: I have been prescribed them for 5 years now 🙁 Valium.Superchet écrit: You're so calming. I was well educated on the topic, but I couldn't click off. Awesome video 🙂ThE PiCasSo Of BoXiNg écrit: Im a blue headTu Salamat Watan Ta Qayamat Watan écrit: Doctor I am trapped in taking medicines that is lorazepam and diazepam now I want to cut down but withdrawal effects are much severe kindly help me to get rid from these..Gabriele P écrit: thank you for this explanation. It was very important for me to understand the difference.Boujia Texas écrit: I took 4mg of klonopin everyday for over a decade and im only 26 . I quit about 4 months ago and i would never wish those withdraw effects on anybody . Im still having to learn how to deal with life without benzos . I was clearly addicted but rationalized it by not "abusing" it more that what i was prescribed daily.froilan anthony écrit: i need to withdraw on klonopin/ clonazepams, been taking it for 15 years half tablet a day because of my panic attacks, anxiety depression and insomnia. im scared of the withdrawal symptoms like seizures. but i need to take it out of my system, im tired. but now more anxities on covid pandemicRockii Cooper écrit: Got that today and a ivAmanda Oneill écrit: Why why why is withdrawal do protracted it's easier to come off opiatesFabiano Pina écrit: I'm watching this because I'm without insurance and can't get my xanax. Am I going to die? Long term userThe Analog Kid écrit: Reduced from 6 mg to in the 20 years to 5 mg but in the middle of the night my heart starts racing all the time and I would go days without sleep so I would give in and take the .5mg, but I forget simple things. Doctor gave gabapentin but it had no effect. Please help! I have been on klonopin for 20 years everyday. Started at 6 mg from psychiatrist.Stoic Saxon écrit: Im addicted too valium, and sleepers like nitrazepam i love them im just being honestEinafets Dubbs écrit: I think people have issues with this stuff and their are others that can take it responsibly like me. I take my prescription 1-2 x a day and it’s saved my life . It’s better than being off of them for me. I’ve done it all since 17-35. What I take now for the last 8 years has saved me . Without it , I know from my personal experience , life would be way f omg worse especially with this pandemic . So I’ll risk it . Works for me . Sorry ✌��Paso Sekgapane écrit: I suffer from tinnitus, constant ringing in ear. Tends to be loud at night. i doubt i`ll ever go to bed at night without taking something to relax my mind.

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Juliette Boudre témoigne : les anxiolytiques ce nouveau fléau

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��Pour toutes les informations, déroulez cette barre ��\n\n\nJe me souviens de ce dimanche soir où, devant ma télé, j’ai vu pour la première fois le visage de Juliette Boudre. \nElle venait alors livrer un témoignage déchirant sur son fils Joseph, décédé à 18 ans des suites d’une overdose d’anxiolytiques et d’opiacés. Une femme douce, belle et courageuse qui à travers son livre, Maman ne me pas laisse m’endormir, mène un combat contre ces médicaments devenus des drogues que l’on prescrit sur ordonnance. Mais aussi une femme qui alarme sur les dysfonctionnements des services de santé publique face à ces drogues de plus en plus répandues.\n\n�� REJOIGNEZ NOUS POUR PLUS DE CONTENUS ! \n\ \napp iOS :\napp Android :\n\n\n�� NOS RESEAUX SOCIAUX ! \n\nInstagram :…\nFacebook :…\nTwitter :

Marley écrit: LE SPORT, et un bon travail personnel sur le mental. Voila comment vous vous sortez de tout produit a effet de dépendance. Sachez que vous allez décupler une réel force mental une fois sortie de ce calvaire, a vous de vous en servir a bon escient pour essayer d’être meilleur le lendemain que la veille ! Et oui le monde est cruel tous n'es pas si facile donc force a vous.Fleur D’oranger écrit: Quelles saletés ces médocs. Bon courage à vous. Rip.HilalDu667 écrit: Fukk le lin rep fredo santanaHilalDu667 écrit: Fukk les pillsSlowPoke Rodriguez écrit: R.E.P JOSEPH , encore un soldat tombé sous les pills et le linNicolas Pasquier écrit: Le problème ce ne sont pas les anxiolytiques, c'est d'une part l'absence de solution médicamenteuse satisfaisante sans effets secondaires (ou solutions tout court ?), et d'autre part les circonstances qui conduisent une personne à prendre ce genre de médicaments (problèmes sociaux, de santé, etc). Aussi c'est bien joli de critiquer ces médicaments, mais qui s'est posé la question de savoir dans quel état serait la société sans eux ? Dépressions, violence accrue, suicides en hausse, et je ne parle même pas des effets boule de neige.League of Draven écrit: tu tombe pas raid apres un joint
il vous a pas dit quelque choseoum saidzid écrit: Je suis de tout cœur avec toi car nous maman on veux tellement que nos enfants vivent bienoum saidzid écrit: !! écrit: Prenez pas des médicament srx même si il sont prescrit j'ai eu un neuroleptique pendant 1 semaine qui me fesait dormir de 17h à 12h je m'en rendais MM pas compte les médoc c'est égal à une vie de merde. En plus y a tlm d'autre moyen de sortir d'une dépression ou quoi une petite retraire spirituelle ça peut faire des merveilles chez les bouddhiste ou les hindousZino Djezzy écrit: Merci Madame de dénoncer le lobby pharma, effectivement ce sont des drogues légales très addictives et destructrices, ça ne guérit rien, ça soulage momentanément après il faut + et toujours + jusqu'à être lobotomise ou carrement inanime un jour ou l 'autreTik Tok écrit: Pour être devenu dépendant des Benzo-tramadol etc durant 30 ans, il faut avoir une saine agressivité pour décrocher méthodiquement sur 6 mois/1an, avec l’aide d’un addictologue.
Merci bcp pour votre témoignage.
Bon courage !!Wilky_ Waves écrit: Techniquement parlant ce ne sont pas vraiment les médicaments qui l’ont tué, la source du problème était son sevrage dû au cannabis. Le Xanax c’est génial quand tu sais comment le prendre. Comme pour tout, il ne faut pas en abuser. J’en prends seulement 0,25mg au moment de mes crises d’angoisse et ça me sauve la vie. Il faut toujours se renseigner avant de prendre quoi que ce soit…
Courage Madame ����Salah Alouani écrit: jajoute que le xanax est 1000 fois plus pire que le coronavirus ou bien 60 g de paracetamol. (3 boites de sachets de 20).Salah Alouani écrit: cest tellement decevant. et ce qui est decevant le plus cest que malgre ton passage a la tele il ont coupe le son lorsquon en accompagnement des psy vous prononcez ces mots pour pousser de la part des GRANDS les gens a etre curieux (linterdit nous attire) et ils ont meme pas classer ce medoc xanax en classification stupefiante (comme le fentanyl) ou bien assimilee a ces derniers (zolpidem(stilnox));ils ont reduit le dosage il y avait des cps de 1 mg actuellement on en retrouve que des 0.5 et des 0.25? mais cest quoi ca? apres votre histoire, si jetais a leurs places je le placerais en modele hospitalier comme xyrem (ghb) carrément ! lespece humaine se reduit intellectuellement : il ya je sais combien dannees la codeine suite a un surdosage a ete place sur ordonnance et cest son statut actuellement vous connaissait certainement lhistoire car vous parler de purple drink (shwepps phenergan sirop de codeine concentre bonbon pour casser lacidite..) bon je pense. et Le fEntanyl il peut etre perscrit sur ordonnace securisee par des generalistes cest quoi ca? je rappelle que le fentanyl a fait des ravages en amerique du nord (je vous ramene a la crise des opiaces en 2012 aux etats unis) POUVOIR ANALGESIQIE 40 FOIS PLUS FORT QUE LHEROINE. je connais des personnes qui sont morts des la premiere prise (cetait encadre par des medecins mais pas francais canadiens je crois..) par depression respiratoire et qui ont ete meme pas sauves par des ambulances. tout ca ca rend fou tinterpreter tout ca. mais quelle logique dorenavent on dispose. on peut pas mener democratie et ses gestes hostiles..feuque gougueul écrit: Je suis un vieillard, seul, et les benzos sont "mes amies", tout comme les morphiniques. J'échangerai bien le tout contre un paquet de nembutal.
Merci, et courage, madame.x.flow_ 17 écrit: ont m'as prescrit du xanax à 14ans , maintenant j'en prend tout les soirsNuka Djo écrit: la maturité ? sortir de la société de consomation point barre.Thomas Chevrier écrit: Merci beaucoup pour votre témoignage ! Vous n'êtes pas seule dans ce combat.Shykeng écrit: Depression.el tarlo écrit: Je suis accro aux medocs , je passe d’état normal à idées noires en 10 minutes .. Mettez vous jamais dedans meme si on pense que ça soigne certaines personnes , ça vous défonce votre vieBidrom écrit: Certainement des cannabinoides de synthèse, y en a plein en Angleterre, c'est extremement dangereux !Elie écrit: Il y a surement des anxiolytiques dans le mauvais shit des Villes.Knight of The Unholy Filth écrit: C'est toujours la faute des médicaments, mais jamais la faute de mauvais parents… C'est trop facile….Yannick Mertz écrit: Moi j ai 31 ans j ai cosomme du temesta et ces les urgences qui me l ont prescritent j avais 18 ans et je suis toujours dans cette enfer.amouna mimille écrit: Je suis tres emue �� merci pour votre temoignagenikonblaze écrit: jviens d'avoir cette merde prescrite par le généraliste juste pck j'avais des pseudo crises d'angoisse dues à une incompréhension de certains symptômes liés au stress. Quelle bande de con.Madame Voyageuse écrit: Merci pour votre témoignagefloup. tv écrit: Moi je suis sous le combo des psychiatres xanax, tercian et abilifyMaureen Voyance écrit: merci beaucoup pour ce témoignage! je suis de tout coeur avec vous ( je suis moi – même une "survivante" des benzodiazépines et ne remercie pas du tout le premier médecin généraliste qui m'a prescrit à 15 ans mes premiers benzodiazépines, avec ensuite…26 ans de dependance); sevrée depuis 1013 ( 2 ans de sevrage) ,je compte écrire un livre à ce sujet plus tard. j'ai encore de la colère de temps en temps en moi. Que votre fils Joseph repose en paix <3Lepage Coralie écrit: Merci pour votre témoignage.Coma Black écrit: Je comprend totalement j'ai le même parcours que son fils plus drogue aujourd'hui il est 5 h 30 du matin et je vais bientôt allez en cure alors madame merci pour votre prévention . Ce sont des petites merdes comme j'appel ces pilules je suis aussi sous methadone . Rip Joseph ��Jesus t’aime écrit: Putain chaud